Microwave Sky over the Olympic Peninsula / June 1, 2016 and a Summary of Plasma Technology





The many interconnected layers all emerged with advances in plasma physics, space physics, and heating the Ionosphere. The idea of using the Ionosphere, which is fertile with plasmas, as a source of energy came from Tesla. Fracking the Ionosphere! The government confiscated all his work & patents.

Weather Manipulation

After the second world war, the US government became involved in weather modification. What better for war and agriculture? When the scientific reports that the earth was warming began, a technology for blocking the sun was invented and developed. Edward Teller first thought of putting particulates up into the atmosphere in 1997: Sunscreen for Planet Earth.

The Geoengineering that they are now trying to “sell” the American public has been going on for 60+ years. It’s all complicated by the fact that the same technology that can manipulate the weather, can also be used as weaponry. Thus you have layers of military secrecy, a.k.a. they lie to the public, and corporate secrecy as they protect their R&D from other countries and companies.

It was the Russians who first developed HAARP, the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program technology, which they called ‘Woodpecker’ because it made little chirping sounds. This forced the US military to play catch up – as always. There are allegedly at least 14 HAARP heaters around the planet, multiple phase array antennas, and many more smaller versions.

When you see the sky above ‘fried & fractured’ or covered with unnatural geometric ripples like a washboard, that is most likely the result of something bigger than the emitters the Navy has acknowledged. But it’s all national security secret, so we can only look at effects – like microwave towers messing us up. Or the inexplicable increase in dementia, Alzheimer’s, and attention deficit syndrome from the aluminum we are breathing.

The Military Industrial Complex

The new technologies that interact with plasma energy in the Ionosphere spawned multiple projects all funded with military and corporate appropriations: The Department of Energy, Boeing, Raytheon, Lockheed Martin Skunkworks, Microsoft, amazon, Apple, etc. Bill Gates is said to have put billions into geoengineering.  You’ve got the universities like MIT, Princeton, Cornell, Stanford, and more that depend on funding for their plasma physicists wizards (like Michael C. Kelley, George V. Khazanov, and Anthony Peratt) to write the theories & equations that analyze data from the rockets & satellites (taxpayer funded).

There’s NOAA and NASA with Space Weather and weather manipulation/climate control by blasting and bending the jet stream with these Ionospheric heaters. There are also financial market implications as investors who know about weather manipulation, drought & flood, take bets, short wheat or corn, etc. Goldman Sachs, etc.

Then their are the military applications like we are seeing here with EW electronic warfare. There is no war anymore that is not electronic. Period. All these industries have built up and expanded over the years and they all want more money, which the Federal Reserve prints for them and the banks profit from as corporate bonds, derivatives, etc. All of which has amounted to the largest transfer of wealth to the 1% in the history of mankind.

I can go on. Here on the Olympic Peninsula, we are being ignored by our representatives and the military. We are considered as ‘collateral damage’ and these toxic particles of aluminum, barium and strontium, etc. are raining down on us. The elderly and children are most vulnerable. This is happening all over the world. The worst aerosol spraying takes place over North America and Europe, but it is everywhere. The reports come in from Australia, Croatia, India, Morocco. We had daily chemtrails over my house in New Zealand.


It seems that in typical “engineer mentality” their efforts to block the Sun – what’s termed solar dimming and Solar Radiation Management SRM and Stratospheric Sulfate Aerosols Geoengineering  – have backfired. They have made the warming worse by creating a layer of these nanoparticles that not only blocks the Sun, but keeps the heat in as well. They should stop. But they don’t. Maybe too much money is involved at this point and I think some are scared of what will happen if they do. So everyday they spray and the blast the Ionosphere with these emitters to try to get control over the fact that the earth is heating exponentially. The Hockey stick and runaway warming is now.

The worst big fear is the methane clathrates/hydrates in the Arctic and at the bottom of parts of the ocean floor. They don’t want that methane to be released. If that happens, Earth could end up like Venus. I’m not trying to scare you, I’m just telling you what may be motivating them, and the facts to the best of my knowledge. And yes, I understand that they are afraid what people will do if they know the extent of the problem, how we have been lied to, robbed and abused.

But no matter what, I still believe that it is wrong to lie to people. I believe people are better than that, actually most are good at heart. Even if we can’t stop the Navy, people deserve to know the truth and that’s what I’m determined to do. Most politicians are ‘professional’ polished liars. That’s how it goes these days.

By chance back in 1997, I sat next to the owner of Evergreen Aviation who was retrofitting airplanes to deliver the stratospheric aerosols. He was crying in his Bourbon and told me one day I would be very grateful to my government. But I think my government is in dire trouble. And we need to educate people because this is going to get much worse.

V. Susan Ferguson


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