Prof. Claudia von Werlhof and Dr. Rosalie Bertell
“…the intention is to, first, ‘kill’ the Earth as a planet and alleged chaos together with its order, or, in the language of alchemy: to ‘mortify’ it. Finally, in a ‘Magnum Opus’ it is to be re-created as a supposedly more valuable, fantastic machine-like system that can be freely manipulated, employed, switched on and off.”

“While the earth’s human civic community has been trying to rid itself of nuclear weapons over the last 65 years, some economically developed nations have quietly moved into the realm of geo-warfare…This is not to say that military experimentation causes all atmospheric events and ultimately climate change. I am just saying that it is difficult in each case to separate out the military geo-experiments from the genuine heavings of the planet! The increase in violent weather is obvious to everyone. Is Mother Earth try to send us a message of distress? Is only the civilian economy responsible for climate change? I think not!”

“The technetronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society … dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values … this elite would not hesitate to achieve its political ends by using the latest modern techniques for influencing public behavior … Persisting social crisis, the emergence of a charismatic personality, and the exploitation of mass media to obtain public confidence would be the stepping-stones in the piecemeal transformation of the United States into a highly controlled society … In addition, it may be possible—and tempting—to exploit for strategic political purposes the fruits of research on the brain and on human behavior” – Zbigniew Brzezinski



Reading Bertell, the first thing that catches the eye about the way that the military conduct their research and the basic ideas they seem to be pursuing, is their patriarchal character. One might say that their goal is to subordinate the entire planet like a woman, to take hold, to rape, to subject to male control, and to transform it into something that no longer has any real autonomy or power. In the critical theory of patriarchy we call this process “creation from destruction”. In this case, the intention is to, first, “kill” the Earth as a planet and alleged chaos together with its order, or, in the language of alchemy: to “mortify” it. Finally, in a “Magnum Opus” it is to be re-created as a supposedly more valuable, fantastic machine-like system that can be freely manipulated, employed, switched on and off. This is what the military research cited above referred to as the Earth”s “system capabilities”! It is what I call typically “alchemical”, for the thought behind all patriarchal alchemy/ies since ancient times has always been that so-called “fathers” can wantonly create new and allegedly “higher” forms of matter and life. These “fathers” hope to usurp the place of the mother, and justify this by promising to bring forth a better creation by helping nature to realise the higher development that she supposedly desires herself. The goal is obedience!


RB“Planet Earth the Latest weapon of War”, reveals the unbelievable truth in the new generation of super-weapons.
by Rosalie Bertell /
The Women’s Press London, 2000 / Review by Moyra Bremner / first published in Caduceus Magazine, issue 51, spring 2001 from BariumBlues Website


As Dr Bertell explains, everything is connected,
‘everything in our universe is in dynamic equilibrium and this interference (from HAARP) may destabilize a system that has established and maintained its own cycle for millions of years’ – protecting life on earth.

ELF pulsed into the earth
Nor is that all. Dr Bertell says that both HAARP and installations in Russia – on which America has, remarkably, collaborated – can also create pulsed, extremely low frequency (ELF) waves which have been directed deep into the earth itself, potentially disrupting delicately poised tectonic plates of the earth’s crust, such as those of California’s San Andreas fault.

Given the little understood interplay between tectonic plates, volcano’s and the earth’s molten core, to call this playing with fire would be an absurd understatement.
Nor, it seems are these the only military installations threatening earth’s viability. Dr Bertell tells us that HAARP is just one of a growing chain of astonishingly powerful, and potentially interactive, military installations, using varied types of electromagnetic fields or wavelengths, each with a different ability to affect the earth or its atmosphere.

For example, an installation in Alaska will have a magnetic field more than 60,000 times greater than the earth itself.

To anyone who knows the impact of magnetic fields on the human body the potential risks of such an installation are obvious. Equally, as Dr Bertell points out, the earth’s magnetic field is both produced by electric currents in the earth’s liquid core and interacts with the Van Allen belts of the earth’s atmosphere in ways not yet understood.
With typical restraint, she chooses not to guesstimate the effect that a magnetic field 60,000 times greater than the earth’s will have on the earth’s core or the atmosphere. Yet she believes that military tests may already have disturbed earth equilibrium.

In addition to showing how earlier military tests have massively contributed to ozone depletion and global warming Dr Bertell suggests that some freak weather conditions and ‘natural’ disasters may have been directly caused by testing installations such as HAARP.

The question is, does anyone have the wisdom to control weather wisely, and unselfishly? And do they even begin to understand the potential for unexpected side-affects from all these experiments. As she points out, it is since the inception of Star Wars experiments that El Nino has changed its cycle and become far more severe with devastating effects.
Equally, a Soviet experiment with the ionosphere directly preceded an earthquake in China which killed 650,000 people.

‘I would liken society’s dependence on the military to a family in which one partner is addicted to something and claims a large proportion of money for feeding the addiction’.
As she points out, the billions annexed by defense projects create the very deprivation which eventually fosters war.

Moreover, she says military research sequesters many top scientists,
‘This “brain drain” from the civilian economy may be depriving us of those who could resolve the most serious survival problems now facing the biosphere’.

Bertell Reveals Many New Weapons of Mass Destruction 
by Larry Ross
February 28, 2005

The book is: “Planet Earth the Latest Weapons of War” by Rosalie Bertell, a distinguished and world-famous scientist. She is a winner of major international awards for science. As a Catholic Nun she has dedicated her life to her continuous work for humanity.
What she reveals is unbelievably stunning – almost stupefying. Even I did not want to believe it at first, and I’ve been fighting against a global nuclear doomsday for over 50 years. But her credentials are impressive and impeccable.
She reveals how “the military is testing radically new weapons which imperil the earth and all life on it.” Such as HAARP, which heats sections of the ionosphere until they bulge to form a curved ‘lens’ which will ‘reflect’ HAARP’s massive energy beams back to earth to destroy selected targets.

She thinks, ‘HAARP may destabilize a system that has established its own cycle for millions of years’ – protecting life on earth.

Or ELF, which, ‘creates pulsed, extremely low frequency waves which have been directed deep into the earth itself, potentially disrupting delicately poised tectonic plates of the earths crust’

Off the Coast of Indonesia, tectonic plates in the Indian Ocean shifted to cause the Boxing Day Tsunami, killing over 250,000 people in 2004.
Dr Bertell tells us that HAARP and ELF are some of, ‘growing chain of astonishingly powerful, and potentially interactive, military installations, using varied types of electromagnetic fields or wavelengths, each with a different ability to affect the earth or its atmosphere’.

Did the Pentagon test HAARP on tectonic plates off Indonesia, thereby causing the Boxing Day Tsunami? I don’t know, but I think there should be a scientific investigation of the causes, with a HARRP test as one of the possibilities. If the Pentagon has nothing to hide, they should welcome such an opportunity.

A few facts: A danger is:
‘A HAARP installation in Alaska will have a magnetic field more than 60,000 times greater than the earth itself’.
A potential result of tests is:
…’Globally, the number of earthquakes a year has more than doubled since the inception of military experiments which affect the earth or its atmosphere’

The amount of sheer power available to the Bush Administration, from their superpower nuclear arsenal, their other WMD, and now HAARP, ELF and other devices, is mind-boggling. Adding up all the risks, from nuclear weapons and their potential usage, to the new weapons, it is likely that due to “accident, miscalculation, act of madness, or faulty policy decision” a terminal global disaster will occur.
Everything has been put in place, including thousands of nuclear missiles on alert status, for a terminal disaster to occur. There are huge resources in terms of people, money, machines and corporate organizations – the biggest ever –devoted to increasing the preparations to unleash what can quickly become a global disaster.
The most important factor of all is the human factor. The Bush Administration is the most militaristic and dangerous in history – unleashing wars, such as that on Iraq, based on lies as justification, and creating pre-emptive war doctrines that sanction the use of nuclear weapons. They are hostile to advice, even from conservative sources, and proclaim the ‘truth’ as they decide it to be. They claim a vision of an American Empire dominating the world, and a vision of a God-proclaimed nuclear Armageddon in case things go wrong. They think the gamble is worth it.
What we see in America today is an insane system. It is a military/industrial juggernaut, in the grip of mad hubristic doctrines, run by a power-crazed psychopathic but a superficially sane Administration. They are dedicated, function effectively and sanely to accomplish their objectives. They are willing to take any risk, and then deny there is any risk.
They have committed many crimes so far. But like past war criminals, will always claim such crimes are not crimes, but justified steps to achieve their objectives. They are unlikely to turn back or learn any lessons. They define the truth as they decide it to be.

They greatly increase both the danger of a nuclear catastrophe, and the system which makes it increasingly likely.


Remembering Rosalie Bertell
Memorial Lecture

Toronto, 29th September 2012
Professor Claudia von Werlhof



…indeed there has been a development of military technologies in the decades after world War II that are able to produce earthquakes and even more seemingly natural catastrophes, like hurricanes, floods, droughts, volcanic eruptions, changes in the sea-currents and in whole weather-systems, including the melt down of the Arctic! – They are using the knowledge of Nicola Tesla, famous, but officially neglected Serbian inventor in the fields of electricity and electromagnetism during the 19th and 20th centuries.

… Rosalie threw me into a new world: the one of our blue Planet and Mother Earth as the large and friendly, beautiful and unique cosmic living being that is our only home in the Universe, and that – unbelievably – is actually undergoing torture and murder, abuse and rape – the largest ongoing Witch-Hunt and Matricide in history! And the perpetrators are attacking and using exactly this Blue of our Planet, the atmospheric layers around it that are protecting all life on it. Without this Blue, our atmosphere, which Wilhelm Reich called life-energy, “Orgon”, life would never have appeared on Earth! This Blue marks the difference to all other planets around and in the Universe, but they, the military and their scientists, are attacking it, using it for their experiments and doing away with it, even before they have found out how it really works and how it is related to the whole of the earth´s body …Rosalie called it the possible Omnicide we are approaching if these activities cannot be stopped…

Who could have thought of such things happening before our eyes, but we being blind; happening since decades, but none of us knowing it; happening as a so called change of the eco-system or even a sudden development of our Planet to the allegedly higher, the more spiritual, the more divine! – But nobody recognizing it as the eventual result of a mega-crime of those really in power on this planet! The sciences have taught us for centuries not to see and feel and think anything, so that they can do whatever they want without having to fear an uprising of us, the people, the children and enthusiastic friends of our Mother Earth – that we, however,  aren’t any more! We have abandoned our cosmic mother, instead!

Rosalie had the strength and the courage to look at all this as closely as possible, and she was bold enough to analyze it as a method that turns our Mother Earth into a weapon of war and of mass destruction of us, life and herself as a planet. What a perversion! Rosalie went through all this with the clarity and sharpness of her mind and with the flame of love for life, for us and for our Mother Earth burning in her heart!

… to clarify our thinking, now even in fields so alien like the military sciences, and to rely on our love, this enormous capacity that gives us the strength to do much more than we are supposed to, and that gives us the vision we need to do it. Loving means to be able to do things that have nothing in common with egoism – as love is the big power that keeps everything on Earth related, united, alive and bonded. Love is the real and only anti-power against those who want to transform our world into a mega-machine under their control, and who do not hesitate to destroy it on their way!

I have called this project “military – alchemy”, because it is obviously part of the intent to transform everything on earth into its opposite, a utopia which we call “patriarchy”. Rosalie was enthusiastic about this concept of military alchemy that relates to our paradigm of the “Critical Theory of Patriarchy”, as we call it. She even wanted to take “Military Alchemy” as the title of her book´s new edition. Maybe we should really take it!

… I proposed the foundation of the “Planetary Movement for Mother Earth”. …our website and Information Letters, always in three languages, 6 until today, and we did the most important thing: We gathered the money, found a very good translator and translated Rosalie´s Planet Earth into German, including her latest findings from the year 2000 to 2011, and including contributions from eco-feminist Vandana Shiva, India, from ethicist Clive Hamilton, Australia, from a German lawyer, specialist in ecology, and a German activist against Chemtrails.

… Rosalie had wanted it so much, as so many German scientists, like Wernher von Braun who had later been adopted by NASA, have contributed to develop the new weapons, first nuclear ones, then these energy weapons which use the earth´s magnetic fields and electromagnetic waves in order to be able to destroy the earth and us wherever they want it…

The military, says Rosalie, is at least 50 years ahead, and it never uses the weapons of the last war in a new one. And this new, secret war has already begun, without having been declared and recognized. People all over the world are living with it and dying through it already….

It can be seen in a climate change that has very little to do with greenhouse gas CO2; in the new allegedly “civil” geo-engineering, behind which stands the military and corporate capital; in weather wars, “Chemtrails”, plasma weapons; in the enormous growth in number and size of seemingly natural catastrophes, and in the Arctic meltdown which is occurring since the 70ies using Extreme Low Frequency, ELF-EM waves; it is to be seen in Ozone holes as produced by more than 2.000 nuclear tests that were launched against this Planet, by rockets and supersonic flights which left “holes” in the sky, and by “ionospheric heating” – all of them producing holes that let cosmic rays which are detrimental for life come down to earth; it is to be seen in very bad harvests and the dying of plants, as in the desertification of always more regions; it is to be seen in the weakening of the Van Allen belts, the magnetic fields around the earth…! Already in 1977 – 35 years ago – the UN in her ENMOD Convention tried to forbid the technologies which could be responsible for these damages, and it repeated its warning relating to geo-engineering in Nagoya, Japan in 2010. It seems that nobody is taking them seriously!

Welcome to the official website of
Planetary Movement for Mother Earth!
“How grateful we should be for this great gift of life and for all the things that we needed in the past hundreds of thousands of years to get there! But today it is exposed to hazards that never faced us throughout our development time, “Rosalie Bertell (from:” As our planet is made slowly to the wreck “, 2010)!

“We have … a chance to wake up from the deceptive dream from the right course of action. We can … see that it only comes at the end to the sensation and pursuit of the joy of life and love for life! But this life and the earth on which it – unique in the cosmos – is possible, are now incredibly seriously threatened. If we see this, then we can or ever experienced the joy of life and the love of life paradoxically newly restarted in its fullness and life – though no longer naive, but now in response to the question of what we in the face of the indeed, anxiety-causing threat to life and the earth can do for them: for them to get up – beyond fear – what else ?! “Claudia von Werlhof (from:”!? Two years PMME fear and What to do “, 6. Info- letter of PMME, June 2012)

Interview with Bartell: …Severe consequence for future generations?
Bertell: It will have consequences. I have done a lot of work on the Marshall Islands where they got the fallout from the weapon testing. And the Rongalap people are people that are dying out, that whole clan.

Interviewer: …Marshall Islands- example

Bertell: It increases infertility and inability to have children. They went for about five years without even being able to get pregnant. Then they started having spontaneous abortions, what they call jelly-fish-babies. It is a pregnancy of something like a tumour, a child is not formed. It is a molar pregnancy. Then they started having deformed birth. But the birth rate is dramatically down at this whole clan of people and there next generation is physically less fit. Their birth rate is down, they die younger, in the 30s and 40s. So it is obvious that this whole line of people is dying, it is not going to survive. What I think we are doing is that our generation is making a decision on how many future generations there will be. How much in shorted depends on how careless we are. So we already shortened future generations because whenever you introduce genetic defect then this line will eventually die out. But some will go two generations, some will go seven generation.
When you are talking about constant low radiation exposure, what you are doing is introducing mistakes into the gene-pool. And those mistakes will eventually turn up by killing that line, that cell line, that species line. The amount of damage determines whether this happens in two generations or in seven generations or 10 generations. So what we are doing by introducing more mistakes into the DNA or the Gene pool is we are shortening the number of generations that will be viable on the planet.

We have shortened the number of generations that will follow us. We have shortened that already. So we reduced the viability of living systems on this planet, whether it can recover or not. We don’t have any outside source to get new DNA. So have the DNA we have, whoever will live on this planet in the future is present right now in the DNA. So if we damage it we don’t have another place to get it.

There will be no living thing on earth in the future that is not present now in a seed, in a sperm and the ovum of all living plants and animals. So it is all here now. It is not going to come from Mars or somewhere. Living things come from living things. So we carry this very precious seed for the future. And when you damage it you do two things. You produce a less viable harmonized organism with the environment; at the same time we are leaving the toxic and radioactive waste around. So you are going to have a more hazardous environment and a less capable organism. That is a death syndrome for the species, not only for the individual. It is going to be harder to live. And the body will be less able to take stress and you are increasing the stress at the same time.

We are responsible for what we turn over to the next generation. It is amazing to me because I am the daughter of people that came from Europe, migrated to Canada and the United States for a better life for their children. And it seems that our generation does not care for the future. It is not our heritage. Our heritage was to give something better to our children, than we received. And we seem not to care. I find these very strange and I think most of our grandparents would turn over in their graves, if they would know what we are doing.

Yes we certainly have to chance our heads and there are very good ways to carry this message. I think we even need a legal protection. We are thinking in terms of a “Seven Generations Law”, which means that everything that is passed through legislation, you have to answer the question what is the impact of this to our great grandchildren’s great grandchildren. You have to be asked an answer this question before you take any major planning or major changes or major laws. It is the North American indigenous peoples’ rule that it has to (be) safe for grandchildren´s grandchildren. Otherwise it is not acceptable.

There is no real protection from it but you can reduce the effects by some things. Certainly stay in the house with windows closed during these bombing episodes and as long afterwards as possible. But your main concern will be getting it through the food chain. They are same key-leading agents. They take inorganic material out of living tissues. One very simple key-leading agent and a mild one is distilled water. You can use distilled water to cook your vegetables. If there were any uranium in the vegetables it will go out with the liquid. You can also drink the distilled water instead of either bottled or filtered or regular water. Distilled water will do the same thing in the body. It will tend to take out the unwanted inorganic chemicals. Another thing that available generally is “spirulina”, which is a blue-green algae you can usually get in a health-food-store. That is also mild key-leading agent and will help to rid the body of some of these toxins, included the depleted uranium.

Or try to get rid of it through sweat respiration: Saunas. If you get it out through the skin you save the kidneys. The idea is to get it out of the tissue and out of the blood and then out of the body instead of going back into storage.

We need to learn to get along with each other, because we live on a small planet. If we fight over it nobody is going to have it. Another thing is: We are straining the natural ability of the earth to generate itself. The earth can usually take it back within a year. But when we measure what we now take out (as) resources (fish, food, iron, coal, oil), all these resources which we take for our lifestyle. We are now taking out about 1.33 times what the earth can replenish in a year. So we are running an ecological deficit. In 1992 we were at 1.25, so is going up. People worry about financial deficit, but that is nothing compared to an ecological deficit. It means constantly reducing the carrying power of the globe. At the same time we are increasing in the number of people. If we don’t do something this will be a global dimension crisis.

That’s the reason to say: the most important thing to do is to eliminate the military globally. The military is one of the most rapid consumer of resources. If you got rid the military globally you would immediately get rid of the ecological deficit, that we are running up every year. This is buying us time to set up a better way to live on this planet. Yes, we need globalisation in the heads. We don’t need Mono-culture, but we need to learn how to live together on this earth, how to use conflict resolution in place of military, yes we need a police-force, yes we need laws and courts and that sort of thing. But we don‘t need military. Military is an abnormality. It is destroying our culture, it is destroying our environment, it is destroying everything we want. And it is time to get rid of it.

Interviewer: 7 Generations?

Bertell: I would maximize the health of this beautiful living planet as much as I could and I would say: I give you this with love. Keep it and give it to as many generations as you can. Life can be good. And live is really a beautiful gift. None of us has asked for it. None of us deserves it. It shouldn’t be something that is a disaster for everybody. It should be something enjoyable and that means that we have to do it differently from the way we are doing it now. For most people life is a terrible thing. People are committing suicide, because it is so ugly for them. That is not life. That is not the way it should be. No other species is going around committing suicide like humans. So there is something very radically wrong with the way we are behaving.

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