Numberless ‘twenty million’ worlds existing in God Consciousness…

I am reading the newly published book “The Mystery of Vibrationless-Vibration in Kashmir Shivaism, Vasugupta’s Spanda Karika and Kshemaraja’s Spanda Sandohla” as revealed by Swami Lakshmanjoo. Swami Lakshmanjoo was a humble man, a great scholar, who Sanskrit scholars from all over the world sought out in Kashmir. He wore no purple robes, nor sat on a golden throne. He never promoted himself, or took any money from his more than 30,000 disciples. He left Kashmir only once to visit his friends John and Denise Hughes in his last remaining days.

If I were to claim any guru as my own, it would be Swami Lakshmanjoo, who I respectfully, affectionately call Lakshman, as he is said to have called himself. Lakshman gave me his ‘blessing’ in the form of an expanded consciousness from a DVD that was recorded of him in Kashmir by John Hughes. I was never fortunate enough to meet Swami Lakshmanjoo while he was in the body, but I learned more ‘experientially’ from him than any other teacher I studied, and was guided to him strangely enough, perhaps obliquely by Inanna’s books which led me to the great Kashmir Shaivite saint and scholar Abhinavagupta.

God is Crazy!

I like to say that God is Crazy, crazy in Love with Its creation, all universes, the myriad worlds, endless species and beings in the vast spectrum of frequency waveforms, most beyond five-sense perception. I know some may find this ‘God is crazy!’ shocking, however be assured that I say this with great Love and respect, in reverence for the One, the Presence that pervades and permeates All, the Immutable, Imperishable, Immovable One. The One that simultaneously dwells within my very own Heart and yours.

Reading the mysteries of SPANDA, Vibrationless-Vibration, I came across this passage that made me laugh with shared Joy. Surely Swami Laskhmanjoo has out done me, as usual!


Swami Lakshmanjoo:  “…all the worlds are existing in egg shaped circles (andas). … There are one hundred and eighteen worlds, which our yogis have perceived in the state of Samadhi, one hundred and eighteen worlds — but there are more worlds which they have not perceived. It is not only one hundred and eighteen worlds that have been created in this universe. There are numberless one hundred and eighteen worlds, numberless twenty million worlds. And above that is also existing God Consciousness. So, it is vast. You cannot understand His tricks, ways. It is why I call Him always ‘a Bloody Fool’! Because He has kept so much treasure, so much treasure under His possession, and given us only just a blow.”

“This whole universe has come into existence just to carry you to God consciousness.”   – Swami Lakshmanjoo, The Shiva Sutras


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