The belief that technology will save us is demonic: God-Consciousness does not need a spaceship or an algo!


The belief that technology will save us is demonic. God-Consciousness does not require an algo, artificial intelligence, fusion power, super-computers, laser weapons, or a spaceship!

Moving into ever increasing so-called ‘advancements’ in technology is in fact evidence of our further descent into the Kali Yuga madness. In the Satya Yuga, which is traditionally called a Golden Age in other metaphysical systems, there is no need for ‘technology’. In fact we exist in our spirit bodies, the Sharira in Sanskrit, and we manifest whatever we require directly from our mind. Why would we need machines?

Machines are symptomatic evidence of density and the solidification of matter as we race towards the end of this cycle of time.

The most advanced beings in the universe are beyond the technology of machines. Artificial intelligence, transhumanism, robots, supercomputers, nanoparticles are unnecessary rubbish to them. Why would you need a spaceship when you can transport your awareness anywhere by merely focusing your consciousness on that point and manifesting as any form you like.

Therefore we can conclude that all of the extraterrestrial entities that are circling our planet in aerial ships of any kind, observing the final days of our current cycle of time, this particular Kali Yuga, are in fact not the highest consciousness beings in the universe. They are stuck in matter and in technology, however more advanced than ours. And therefore the extraterrestrial entities that have duped and conned our governments into accepting and implementing these ‘advanced’ technologies – which are in fact bringing about our destruction – these beings are not enlightened masters, they are caught in their own delusions, polarities, and control games.

We came here to transcend all of these levels of material manifestation.

The sole reason for entering a human body is to access the chakra system in our subtle spirit body that the physical human body contains so that we may become masters of the seven levels of frequency waveform appearances that makeup this universe. There are other universes. We came here and took on the risky adventure in flesh and blood to transcend all appearances and not get caught in the nets, the webs of endless illusions. These endless self-replicating illusions that entrap our consciousness can also take the form of believing that technology is evolving mankind into a better higher way of life when technology is still matter and ties us, binds us like slaves, deeper into illusion, delusion.

My understanding is that we are in the closing years of this Kali Yuga and in time we will emerge into another Golden Age, which is called the Satya Yuga in the Sanskrit metaphysical tradition. In the Satya Yuga we don’t need technology or any other material aids to manifest the new world. We only require a higher consciousness, God Consciousness. If you want freedom, liberate your own consciousness and come Home. The Truth does set you free!

“This whole universe has come into existence just to carry you to God Consciousness.”  – Swami Lakshmanjoo, the Shiva Sutras






The First Cycle of Time: SATYA or KRITA YUGA, the Golden Age

The first cycle is called THE AGE OF WISDOM, the Golden Age or in Sanskrit, the SATYA or KRITA YUGA.

Pressed by sacred Desire, KAMA, the Creator emits the Illusion of Separation and Multiplicity. On one level these emissions are abstract metaphysical principles, cosmic stations containing the spectrum of all frequencies, all possible waveforms. While on another level of perception, they become temporal creator entities as beings and we are all latent within these primordial beings.

As they emerge from the Oneness, so we emerge within them. As they are the Oneness, so are we. TAT TWAM ASI – That thou art! There is no hierarchy as yet and these beings are all equal. They begin to manifest the desired forms of multiplicity in order to play in this universe.

They KNOW who and what they are – meaning they have the conscious knowledge that they are a projected part of Oneness. The Veil of Forgetting has not yet fallen.


The LINGA Purana (Part I, Chapter 39) says that in the Golden Age there is no need for any basic social system and only as time decays, does the need for such a system arise. Time is of a degenerative nature and as time further decays through the cycles, it is no longer possible even to maintain such a sustaining social system. By the time of the Kali Yuga, DHARMA, metaphysical Righteousness, is nearly vanquished.

The Golden Age is the age of goodness. Meditation is the main activity. Beings who are still full connected to Source spend their time in meditation simply for the ecstatic bliss (Kundalini) of doing so, or to enjoy creating for their own pleasure, temporal illusory multiplicity in the hologram. Perhaps they create other worlds and travel through time and space to visit them – as people do today when they have out of body experiences, OBEs.

Our lifespan in the Golden Age is about 4,000 human years. Each Yuga is successively shorter in duration as is human life span. The way we experience time literally increases in speed as the cycles proceed.

In the Satya Yuga, a Golden Age, people are born in pairs and their livelihood consists in reveling in the taste of what exists right before their eyes. All creatures are satisfied, always, and take delight in all enjoyments. There is no distinction between the lowest and the highest – all are good, all equal in their life span, happiness, and form. [Linga Purana, Part I Ch. 39]

People go wherever they wish, constantly rejoicing in their minds. They do not engage in any actions, good or bad. There is no system of separate classes and stages of life. They have no preferences, nor do they experience the opposing pairs of emotions. They do not hate or get tired. They have no homes or dwelling places, but live in the mountains and oceans. They have no sorrow, but consist mostly of goodness and generally live alone. [Linga Purana, Part I Ch. 39]

The VAYU Purana says that in this Golden Age, people have equal forms, features, and longevity. Their bodies themselves are more light, translucent, not solid as ours are. People are highly powerful, very strong and perpetually delighted in their mind. They experience neither gain nor loss, have neither friends nor foes, neither likes nor dislikes. Everyone still knows that they are the Oneness and the emission of that.

There is no death, no human labor, no buying and selling. In this first Age we manifest freely. Whatever takes form within the mind appears.

Interestingly it also says that objects function according to their minds – implying that their thoughts are creating the external reality which can be thus be altered whenever and however they like. This seems to me to be a better, more subtle version of the Star-Trek Replicator.

The Vedas do not as yet exist – except perhaps in the ethers of the eternal indestructible AKSHARA – as there is no need for them.

Time is equivalent to virtue!

This SATYA Yuga is also called the eon of the Winning Throw. In the Puranic texts, creation is often compared to a cosmic game of dice.

The hierarchies of gods and other beings have not yet come into existence. We all know and Remember who we are – but we will soon become attached to our creation and begin to feel a sense of loss and longing for our original state.

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Voices from the Four Cycles of Time: Satya Yuga


In the Beginning, there is no beginning,
Only the Solitude – the One.
The One Being, Emptiness, the Void,
Space filled with Ether.

An eternal Hunger resides in the Silence of Space.
Hunger moves, growing, longing to be filled,
Tension becoming agitation, vibration.

Water forms in Ether,
Fire emerges within Water.
All is vibration – pulsation,
Waveforms born from Hunger in the Solitude, the One.

We are the One enjoying the appearance of Separation.


Fire emerged in the watery ethers.
Fire in the water forced pulsation.
Fire pressed out against water, tension forming waves, vibration, pulsation.
The pulsating vibrations became waves.
Waves, waveforms invisible, hyperluminal.
Electric, magnetic, plasma.
Plasma amenable, compliant, impressionable, responsive, yielding, giving.
Yielding to fire, waveforms moving.
Moving outward in all directions, moving upward into sky.
Moving into manifestation, downward into earth.
Waves of energy, waves of Light,
From the Fire in the Waters.
Fire crossing water, water crossing fire,
Moving outward, in spirals, expanding Space.
Pressing downward, creating, compressing, congealing earth.
Waves perpetual from the Fire in the Watery Ethers.

We are Self-Luminous.
We are Self-Effulgent.
We are the One. We Know.


Tension arises from Fire crossing Water in Ether.
From tension, harmonic waves.
Pulsating Light, vibrating sound coalesce into name and form.
The One becomes the many.
We are the Voices of Light, waveforms dancing on the ethers.
Our harmonies stretch out across the universe.
North, south, east and west, through infinity to the edge,
Producing the three worlds.

For there to be Light, so must there be Darkness.
Perhaps Darkness precedes us …
The darkness was always there.
The demons always in chase, pursuing our light.
But we are triumphant.
The Light will always overcome the Dark – in Time.

Our struggles are awesome, fearsome, awe-filled.
The clash of Titans.
Titans we are …

The War in the Heavens, war between
Light and Dark
Gods and demons
Truth and Confusion
Freedom and control
Open and closed
The battle eternal to generate the Music of the Spheres.

V. Susan Ferguson


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