Kundalini: Heart Chakra Opening and Kundalini’s Sublimation of Sexual Fluids — An Ecstatic Dripping into the Thalamus

These links are to excerpts of articles written on the wonderful website “Kundalini And Cell Towers: Reflections on spirituality, politics, culture, sex, and electromagnetic radiation.”









Heart Chakra Opening:

On a level of intensity, this feeling of love was five hundred times more powerful than any feeling associated with sexual orgasm. Qualitatively there was an even greater divide. Never had I experienced anything so pure, so freeing, so enobling, so outrageously pleasurable. In fact, pleasure is much too gross a concept to be used accurately here. It was a radical sensation — a physiological and emotional knowing — that this was divine fulfillment. It was not so much a feeling of great pleasure as one of overwhelming, utterly spiritual, emancipatory feeling. It was as if my senses — previously shackled to a cold and damp cave of darkness — had finally been released to a tropical paradise under noonday sun. I instantaneously recognized that this insane love was the answer to my every prayer and aspiration. A flood of feeling coursed through my body and consciousness for just a few seconds and quickly faded.


Kundalini’s Sublimation of Sexual Fluids — An Ecstatic Dripping into the Thalamus

It was unmistakable that the kundalini process employed the physiological response of sexual orgasm as a means of furthering the subtle adaptation of my body. Orgasm became like a primer for this spiritual pump or mechanism. Each orgasm was like an explosion of energy in my brain and body that propelled kundalini’s influence and its collected subtle secretions into increasingly deep recesses of my being. Sexual orgasm became directly linked to the amplification of subtle forces and sensitivities in my body. After kundalini’s awakening, orgasm became an incitation — an invocation — to the direct opening of my body and mind to this ongoing subtle transformation. For the rest of my life, orgasm’s role was one of encouragement and promotion of this process.



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