US Patent 4999637: Creation of artificial ionization clouds above the earth







4999637 – March 12, 1991 – Creation of artificial ionization clouds above the earth
A method for forming a cloud of artificial ionization above the earth by initially heating the resident plasma at a desired altitude with electromagnetic radiation having a frequency approximately the same as that of the ambient plasma. As the plasma frequency increases due to heating, the radiation frequency is also increased until the final maintenance frequency is attained.

The present invention provides a method for forming a patch or cloud of artificial ionization at an altitude above the earth wherein no substantial amounts of power are wasted in forming and maintaining the cloud.

More specifically, the present invention provides a method wherein variable frequency heating is used to form a cloud of artificial ionization. This is accomplished by initially heating the resident plasma at the selected altitude by transmitting electromagnetic radiation from the earth at an initial frequency which is approximately the same frequency as the ambient plasma frequency. This radiation, being of the same frequency as the plasma, will be efficiently absorbed with relatively little being reflected from or passed through the ambient plasma. The radiation heats the plasma and accelerates the free electrons in the plasma thereby increasing the plasma frequency.

The frequency of the plasma is monitored by radar or the like and, as it increases, the frequency of the radiation being transmitted also increases, preferably in a manner where the radiation frequency continues to substantially match the increasing plasma frequency.

The radiation frequency is continuously increased until the final maintenance frequency is attained, at which time, the transmission of electromagnetic radiation is continued at the final frequency to maintain the integrity of the cloud. The final plasma frequency (i.e. maintenance frequency) is selected so that it is always greater than the frequency of any signals (e.g. communications, radar) that are expected to be “bounced” off the cloud once the cloud is used for its intended purpose.

To further conserve power and to reduce the power required for carrying out this invention, the initial radiation is weakly focused so that only the center area of the plasma within the cloud are will undergo initial heating. The focus of the radiation is contracted as the radiation frequency is increased until the entire cloud are is heated by the radiation.

The radiation can be transmitted by a single antenna system or by two spaced antenna systems positioned so that their beams intersect at said altitude to thereby form the cloud.


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