Turning the atmosphere into a giant electrical system, conductor/resonator/generator/capacitor

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The military-industrial corporations, like Raytheon, Boeing, and Lockheed Martin, etc. that are actively using geoengineering to alter the weather and for military purposes are turning the atmosphere into a giant electrical system, conductor/resonator/generator/capacitor. On a purely intuitive and pattern-recognition basis, I suggest that the formation those coiled cloud ‘bundles’ is somehow connected with the “helical resonator plasma processing.”  The clouds themselves resemble coils, like hundreds of “helical resonators”.

helical resonator

A helical resonator is a passive electrical component that can be used as a filter resonator. Physically, a helical resonator is a wire helix surrounded by a square or cylindrical conductive shield. An electronic component is any basic discrete device or physical entity in an electronic system used to affect electrons or their associated fields. WIKI

The equations used in magnetohydrodynamics MHD can be used in plasma manipulations, for example Maxwell’s electrodynamics equations.  Spiral-helix motion creates rotation as the helical curling motion dominates the flow.   – ‘Ultra and Extremely Low Frequency Electromagnetic Fields’, by Vadim Surkov (Author), Masashi Hayakawa (Author), Springer Geophysics

Optimized helical resonator for plasma processing
US 5241245 A   / 1993
An optimized helical resonator which increases the plasma density … uses a flat spiral coil having a low value of ωL and resonant as a 1/4 or 1/2 wave resonator. A third embodiment combines features of the first two embodiments using both spiral and solenoid coils as the helical resonator.

…helical resonators (i.e., inductors) have been used to generate the plasma. https://www.google.com/patents/US5241245

Magnetic Flow of High Density (supersonic) Plasmas  / 1998
Ion cyclotron resonance heating by radio-frequency (RF) waves, which are excited by a helically wound antenna, is observed for the first time in a fast-flowing plasma in the HITOP device.

[HITOP device, which consists of a large cylindrical vacuum tank (diameter D=80 cm, length L=320 cm) and eleven magnetic coils. Magneto-hydro-dynamic (MHD) behaviors have been investigated for years and there are many interesting topics in this field such as a large amplitude Alfven wave, MHD vortices, MHD shock waves, and MHD instabilities related to space and fusion plasmas.]


Dispersion relations of propagating waves are obtained experimentally and compared with theoretical ones. Stored energy W⊥ and ion temperature clearly increase during the RF pulse. Heating efficiency is compared for various magnetic field configurations and strengths without any clear indication of the cyclotron resonance. This suggests that ion–ion collisional effect is dominant in the high-density plasma. When a ratio of ion cyclotron frequency to ion–ion collision one becomes high, features of ion cyclotron resonance are clearly observed.


Helical resonator type plasma processing apparatus
US 20050093460 A1
Provided is helical resonator plasma processing apparatus. The plasma processing apparatus comprises a process chamber having a substrate holder for supporting a substrate, a dielectric tube disposed on the process chamber to communicate with the process chamber, a helix coil wounded around the dielectric tube, and an RF power source to supply RF power to the helix coil. The dielectric tube has a double tube shape and comprises an inner tube and an outer tube, and a plasma source gas inlet port to supply plasma source gas into a space between the inner tube and the outer tube is disposed in the outer tube.

Plasma generating apparatus employing capacitive shielding and process for using such apparatus
US 5234529 A
A plasma generating apparatus includes a plasma containing region and an R.F. coil for generating R.F. electric fields within the plasma region for creating a plasma from a gas flowed through the region. A capacitive shield is disposed between the coil and the plasma region for limiting the amount of capacitive coupling while not completely eliminating it, between the R.F. coil and the plasma region. The shield can include a means for varying the shielding effect thereof during processes employing the plasma.


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