“Geoengineering is a bad idea…”

Jeff Goodell, author and contributing editor to Rolling Stone Magazine, discusses his thoughts on geoengineering.  “Geoengineering is a bad idea that we are going to be forced to consider very seriously. I personally think that we are going to do it.”

Jeff Goodell: “Geoengineering is a bad idea because we are messing with the operating system of the planet…the most complex organism we know…we are going to do it badly at first…like many engineering projects, you learn as you go along and the consequences of that could be horrendous.”

VSF: Jeff Goodell speaks intelligently here, but doesn’t appear to recognize how extensive geoengineering has already been implemented.

Dane Wigington
January 15, 2015
Climate engineering is NOT a cure, but rather it is nothing short of an all out assault on all life. Global geoengineering is making an already dire climate situation far worse, not better.



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