The Jet Stream July 2016 compared to the Engineered Polar Vortex 2014


Engineered “Polar Vortex” Freezes US / Dane Wigington
November 9, 2014

One of the best updates yet from the HAARP is above.  I (Dane Wigington) was actually on the US west coast near the Oregon border to witness the all out aerosol assault in the skies which is noted in the attached video.  The sea temperatures were exceptionally warm, warm enough to swim in the waves for nearly a half hour with no wet suit. Historically this was not possible to do at any time of year in this location, let alone in mid November. A green sea turtle was recently caught of the coast of Oregon and tuna are being caught of the coast of Alaska, both instances are unprecedented. Global sea temperatures are now officially the warmest ever recorded.

Why are the climate engineers working so hard to freeze the Eastern US? To continue the confusion and division amongst the population as to the true state of the climate. To demonstrate their power over the climate system. To hide the true gravity of what is unfolding on our planet for as long as possible while causing unimaginable harm to the biosphere in the process.





Video from: The HAARP Report Published on Nov 8, 2014

This is just a quick update, to show a huge amount of chemtrail aerosols were sprayed, to keep the jetstream notch, or “Polar Vortex”, in place, and on schedule. This shows 2 1/2 days of jetstream development, and how Mother Nature is trying to bring rain to California, but the Haarp and Chemtrail operators, won’t allow the natural process to take place. Instead, they sprayed VERY heavy off the coast of Oregon, and all over the eastern Pacific. Also, the Baja Haarp is keeping a stationary blockage in the jetstream, west of San Diego. Please use, to identify chemtrail spray planes, when they pass over your area. The chemtrail (geoengineered aerosols) were extremely thick, off the coast of Oregon, and the satellite maps confirm the ground reports (thanks to Bonnie V for her local reporting, and for the link to This spraying, and Baja Haarp bockage in the jetstream is ALL CRIMINAL ACTIVITY! This is both a mind control psy-op, to keep the idea of “global cooling” alive, and probably, to cash in on the CME weather futures. We may see this psy-op continue, making extreme cold, in the big cities, until the city managers buy enough Heating Degree Day futures contracts. Then, after the cities have placed their bets, the Haarp operators will bring normal winter temperatures, so they don’t have to pay out on the contracts. There are lots of possible ways for them to make money, by controlling the weather, and this is just one way. We will see, as the winter progresses. US federal law enforcement, and the US Military, must find the criminals behind these programs, arrest them, and put them on trial. The best chance to slow down, or stop, chemtrails, and the death they cause, is to protest at this geoengineering conference in San Francisco, on December 15 – 19, 2014:… This is PROBABLY the “roll out” to take the intense aerosol program over the USA, and make it international. This is a chance for scientists to submit research papers that are critical of the chemtrail program, and the planetary death, they are causing. We need thousands of people to show up, in San Francisco, protest, and submit their own research papers.


What remains of the jet stream in the northern hemisphere July 21, 2016 below:


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