Chem-Clouds radiofrequency/microwave transmitter generated on the Olympic Peninsula / July 2016

VSF:¬† As I have stated previously, the Olympic Peninsula is being used as an electronic warfare zone. It may be that these cloud formations are specific to that use, meaning EW electronic warfare. The trees here are not dying yet. This area has been kept cool and damp all summer. The temperature never got above the high 50’s on the Fourth of July. While I am naturally pleased that our trees are not dying, there are very few insects or birds — and I personally am sick of being microwaved daily. My hands tremble in tandem with the intensity of the zap. It is impossible to gather samples because the particulates are now so small, nano-sized, which must make them easier, more efficient to breathe in. That must please the US Navy and the vast array of corporations¬†that are profiting from geoengineering over this dying planet. These ruthless behemoths obviously regard American citizens who pay taxes, like me, as ‘collateral damage’. Yet we truly remain helpless lab rats.







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