God is Love, make God your Beloved


God is Love, make God your Beloved

God is Love. God the ubiquitous Presence, the Imperishable Immutable Immovable One that pervades and permeates the All, and simultaneously dwells in the Heart of every man woman and child, is the frequency-waveform Love. This God LOVE is not like human temporal Love that has conditions, that comes and goes, perishing on whims, and inevitably at death.

If you seek Union with God, then create Love for God in your own Heart. That intensity of Love expressed in reverence, adoration and worship will draw you into the Sacred Refuge of God’s eternal sweet blissful Love. You will be imbued infused with sublime subtle feelings you have never known before. In time, the secrets of the universe will be revealed to you. This is Bhakti Yoga, an ancient method used by millions throughout time to reach Enlightenment, God Consciousness. It is said to be the most pure and easiest way to find Home in any Kali Yuga, because Love is the only pure frequency that remains in the Cycle of Time of Conflict and Confusion.

This ecstatic Union may occur slowly, bit by bit over many years according to our capacity to receive, our openness and trust, and most of all in relation to our devotion to God over and above anything or anyone else. In profound humility, we make every act in our daily life an act of worship and reverence for the God within each of us. Slowly sweetly, God will fill our consciousness until there is no more room for the temporal small identity self.

As the data-collecting vehicle, the bodily form we currently reside in, gives way to the power of Love, we realize understand that in truth we never had free will before, but only acted through the matrix of the gunas, Prakriti’s Maya, the data-collecting vehicle we created over multiple lifetimes. As God Consciousness fills our Being, we Become possessed by real Free Will, that wild perfection of chaos and order, the ultimate Cosmic Free Will that only God knows.

For most of us this will be a gradual process, with occasional explosions that knock down, often painfully, and destroy the walls standing between us and God’s Love. For the few who are ready, God’s Love will come all at once like a neutron bomb! Kundalini, the creative Fire Power and Force that makes life possible, may ignite within us. However Kundalini is very individual, and surely a symptom of Enlightenment and not Enlightenment itself.

We are all of us lost without God. Make your life an offering to Life’s Creator. Let us make ourselves a Home for God. If you Love God with intensity, inevitably you will find yourself gently flowing on a torrential river into your very own Heart, where God waits for you patiently. God longs for our return. God will reveal Itself within the Heart, I promise.

V. Susan Ferguson



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