The Piercing of the Heart



Along with the Kundalini Rising, I am blessed with experiencing what I call “The Piercing of the Heart”. This is so subtle, so exquisite, so tenderly painful sweet that it defies all description in words. It is as if there is a completely ‘other world’ kind of subtle ecstasy that melts and dissolves everything that came before, every previous experience pales in comparison to this Piercing of the Heart.

Truly the closest I can come to describing it is to say that an invisible sword, noble, razor sharp clean, a sublime arrow of gold has suddenly penetrated my Heart, unaware unexpected incomprehensible to me, and left me in abject awe and humility, astonished, purified, amazed, on my knees in gratitude.

I believe the Piercing of the Heart is an experience of Grace that mystics have always known throughout time. Surely this Piercing of the Heart is one of God’s most precious gifts of Grace to those who are seeking release from temporal duality in Enlightenment, Liberation in Life, JIVAN MUKTI.

V. Susan Ferguson


The classic Bernini statue of St. Teresa of Avila is the only comparable illustration  I can find the shows this Piercing of the Heart. Certainly I am not so foolish as to compare myself to her, only that I want to convey what is possible to those of you who are seeking Union with the God within you.



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