Kundalini definition: meaning from the ancient Sanskrit roots



Kundalini definition — meaning from the ancient Sanskrit roots

The definition of Kundalini can be found in a series of Sanskrit ‘phonemes’ more correctly pronounced Kh’u’N’Dh’A’li’n’i

Sanskrit is a ‘phonetic’ language written as a form of sound pictures (termed phonemes). These sound pictures (a feminine writing form) represent sounds which have meaning to the body. English phonetics has a similar ‘grapheme’ which shows how a word is pronounced. In the English Language, the sound of a word or its pronunciation can lend a very different meaning to the word.

Kundalini – pronunciation of the Sanskrit

So it is with the phonetics of the word Kundalini — the meaning cannot be fully heard, felt, understood or realised with the brain or the mind.

In the transliteration of Sanskrit into “English”, “T” (Kunti) is often written instead of “D” and pronounced with the tongue in the T position and spoken with a grunt as in “Dh”.. so that, for example, “Tao” is more correctly pronounced “Dh’ow”. Similarly, there is a huge difference between ‘K ‘and ‘Kh’ in that ‘K ‘is a ‘hard consonant’ pronounced with the mouth and out-breath whereas ‘Kh’ is more gutteral pronounced with the throat and either the out-breath or the in-breath
Kundalini – defined from Sanskrit
a dot (black stone); hollow, aperture (sometimes symbolised by the open vagina), the cup; the yoni as the feminine symbolised
the moon calling to the sun
wave (as of the ocean) ebb and flow of consciousness
virtue, merit, true wealth as in receptive, assuming focus of that which is inner
the concept of going inward, within or in; the feminine of the firstsound (sruti) (hidden) from which all words are formed and from which all life emanates as a bidirectional action
to adhere and to hold; to rock, pulse, sway, tremble, vibrate
the lotus plant; the pearl; the primal mother; seed; naked
to pervade as perception or consciousness; to go beyond; to grow; to evolve;

Kundalini definition and brief explanation
Kun is the Earth … add the “di” (sometimes spelt “ti”) and its the little pot of earth in the earth (one cell) .. and the bits added to the end which some transcribe as “lini” is the perpetual consciousness of the alpha and the omega expressed as potential – sometimes portrayed as a coiled serpent 

Kundalini is the feminine creative and fertile energy of our natural physical beingness – the life energy or ‘Life Force’ of each cell of the Physical Body.

 Kundalini is the latent potential of the Feminine Principle of Creation – the primordial ‘devi’ the Life-Force and life consciousness of every cell of all physical life – especially the ‘stem cell’.

 In Christianity, Kundalini is referred to as ‘the Refiner’s Fire’ which straightens out the mind’s distortions of Life and Nature.

We are all born with Kundalini already awakened. We would be very dead if it wasn’t. However, through our life, our Kundalini has become blocked and diverted from its normal path through cultural and religious behavioural patterns and conditioning (conscious and unconscious memories – particularly of trauma).

 It is this blockage that leads to psychological, mental and emotional distress and disease.

 Even though we may imagine that we are ‘spiritual’, if our kundalini flow is not balanced, then we are unable to breathe as one with the Universal Consciousness.

 When some of our blockages start to release, the flow of kundalini starts to ‘normalise’ (starts flowing at a 10 rather than a 3) and, as it does, all of the ‘memories’ that have lain dormant – sometimes for generations – start to come to our physical and mental awareness. It is this process that often scares ‘the hell’ out of people!




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