Electromagnetic Dominance and Deforestation /
Christopher Fontenot July 31, 2016


Electromagnetic Dominance and Deforestation
 / Christopher Fontenot July 31, 2016

Trees are an interface between the atmosphere and earth. This interface provides a natural and even distribution of electrical current flow between the electrical conduits we know as the Ionosphere (atmospheric currents) and Ground (Telluric currents). Control of the electromagnetic spectrum requires some understanding of this interface and the role that vegetation plays. …

“Trees form the terrestrial interface with the atmosphere in forested regions. The electrical properties of trees may influence their response to atmospheric conditions and potentially lethal phenomena (e.g., lightning). … We hypothesized that electrical resistivity varies consistently among species and between growth forms. … quantified resistivity over a moisture gradient for wood blocks of four tree species. Resistivity varied predictably with stem diameter and differed among species and growth forms.

Specifically, resistivity of trees was approximately 200% higher than resistivity of vines, and resistivity of conifers was 135% higher than that of hardwoods. … These results, in combination with interspecific differences observed among wood blocks, suggest that there is a phylogenetic basis for variation in resistivity that reflects differences in anatomy and physiology. Our review and empirical survey provide a framework for studying the ecological effects of lightning in the context of the electrical properties of trees.” …

After discussing the natural phenomena associated with trees and their effect on our global environment, we can begin to understand how trees are so vital to the global electrical circuit and its control. This interface provided by trees explains the mechanisms being applied to geoengineering practices. Solar Radiation Management Governance Initiative (SRMGI) recommends global aerosol spraying as a purported means to mitigate ‘albedo’ (Earth’s reflectivity). These suggestions are misleading as studies indicate the true result will be increased cloud nucleation and weather modification. Of course, their reasoning for using aerosols fits requirements to offset natural aerosol production above forests.

While control of the electromagnetic spectrum is in its infancy, the need to limit dissipation of electrical potential between ground and the atmosphere is a critical component. Discharge of stored energy must be restricted in order to accomplish a mission of full spectrum dominance. Through the use of man-made electromagnetic radiation, atmospheric perturbations can be restricted to those of desired consequence.

Control of the Global Atmospheric Electrical Grid Circuit is the ‘jewel in the crown’ of modern science.






The ancient Vedic Sanskrit language terms the earth and the sky/atmosphere as one word: RODASI. The Seers, the wise who “see” knew what we have forgotten.


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