Control of the Global Atmospheric Electrical Grid Circuit


“Control of the Global Atmospheric Electrical Grid Circuit is the ‘jewel in the crown’ of modern science.”

When we look up and see the chemical aerosol spraying in the sky above us, Solar Radiation Management SRM, chemtrails, what we are looking at is the consequence of technologies based on plasma physics, the years of research, complex equations in higher mathematics, and ‘active experiments in space’ all stemming from advances in plasma physics.

“Plasma consists of electrically charged particles that respond to electromagnetic forces [Anthony Peratt].”  The knowledge of plasma as electricity has generated a technology that allows technocracy to turn the atmosphere into a giant electrical system, conductor/resonator/generator/capacitor. The equations used in magnetohydrodynamics MHD can be used in plasma manipulations – Maxwell’s electrodynamics equations. Spiral-helix motion creates rotation as the helical curling motion dominates the flow.

“The charged particles are usually clouds or beams of electrons, ions, and neutrals or a mixture … but can also be charged grains or dust particles. Plasma is also created when a gas is brought to a temperature that is comparable or higher than that of the interior of stars. At these temperatures, all light atoms are stripped of their electrons… [Peratt]”  This heating process is what is occurring in the ionospheric heaters such as HAARP and the various phase array transmitter mechanisms that are now located around the planet.

While their uses are many, the goal is control of the global atmospheric electrical grid circuit, which as Christopher Fontenot says is the ‘jewel in the crown’ of modern science.

“While control of the electromagnetic spectrum is in its infancy, the need to limit dissipation of electrical potential between ground and the atmosphere is a critical component. Discharge of stored energy must be restricted in order to accomplish a mission of full spectrum dominance. Through the use of man-made electromagnetic radiation, atmospheric perturbations can be restricted to those of desired consequence. Control of the Global Atmospheric Electrical Grid Circuit is the ‘jewel in the crown’ of modern science.”

Electromagnetic Dominance and Deforestation

“Phased Array Doppler radar facilities(ground/air/satellite based) can provide the focused microwave energy needed to create this cascade of atmospheric ions. Through this process, ions are multiplied and released into the lower atmosphere to increase power density in those layers. These modern tools of manipulation are essential to control of the weather. By controlling the electromagnetic potential in the Earth’s atmospheric layers, man can effect natural processes of weather. Subtle perturbations of these natural phenomena, can direct the distribution and discharge of the Earth’s EM forces.”

Atmospheric Ionization via Electromagnetic Perturbation

The tendency for charged particles to follow magnetic lines of force forms the basis of transmission lines in space. The tendency for charged particles to follow magnetic lines of force produces field aligned currents, which produce aurora dynamics. [A. Perratt].


Earth’s magnetic field is immersed in the atmosphere of the Sun which produces a steadily streaming outflow of solar plasma called the solar wind. The solar wind is pervaded by a large scale interplanetary magnetic field, which is frozen into the plasma. Thus the solar magnetic field is transported outward into the solar system by the solar wind plasma. Magnetosonic and magnetohydrodynamic MHD waves provide energy transfer in the solar wind and are continually feeding Earth’s atmosphere.

“The expanding solar wind drags the solar magnetic field outward, with the result that the earth’s magnetic field is continually bathed in hot, magnetized, supersonic, collisionless plasma capable of conducting electrical currents and carrying a large amount of kinetic and electrical energy. The solar wind is a magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) generator, and some of the solar wind energy flowing by the earth finds its way into the ionosphere and upper atmosphere. [M.C. Kelley]

Processes that are responsible for continuously producing plasma in the Ionosphere include the photoionization and photodissociation by solar UV radiation and ionization by energetic particle impact on the neutral gas along with recombination [Surkov & Hayakawa].

You can understand why the military and the mega-corporations, like Raytheon and Lockheed-Martin are so interested in ‘fracking’ the Ionosphere. The oil cartel may not be as keen.

A recent textbook on fusion plasma physics acknowledges the fact that fusion will eventually be the source of power on planet Earth. “This progress is fusion energy development has been based on an ever-expanding understanding of the physics of magnetically confined plasmas and on improvements in the technology used for their heating and confinement. [W.M. Stacey]”  The author says that the developments in conventional plasma physics are “individual particle motion in electromagnetic fields, kinetic and fluid theory, MHD equilibrium, plasma instabilities, classical transport, neutral beam and wave heating.”

We cannot underestimate how drastically plasma physics has already changed our world and is continuing to change everything we have known as natural, Nature’s Cosmic Sacred Harmony, including our atmosphere and the very air that we breath. The Solar Radiation Management SRM operations, the aerosol spraying of toxic-to-life aluminum, barium, strontium and various nano-particulates, have expanded to cover the planet, even into the once pristine Himalayas.


The role of lightning in earth’s atmospheric electricity

A key consideration in this idea that the control of the global atmospheric electrical grid circuit is the ‘jewel in the crown’ of modern science is lightning. A 2014 textbook entitled ‘Ultra and Extremely Low Frequency Electromagnetic Fields’ by Vadim Surkov and Masashi Hayakawa describes the role of lightning in earth’s atmospheric electricity. Contemplating the complexity and subtle forces that have been generated by Nature throughout time make the current intrusion of mad-science all the more astonishing and frightening. I paraphrase and quote from the above text.

While clouds, precipitation, fogs, and dust clouds contain a large amount of spatial electric charges, the electric field permanently exists in the atmosphere even in fine weather conditions. The text states that the presence of charged aerosols may increase the amplitude of the electric field. The U.S. patents show that cloud seeding has been practiced for over 50 years.

“The permanent thunderstorm activity around the world is thought to be a major electric source for the global atmospheric electric current, which is formed by the lower ionosphere and terrestrial surface conducting layers. The global electric current is closed via lightning discharge currents flowing basically upwards and the background atmospheric current flowing downward ti the earth’s surface from the atmosphere and lower ionosphere. … At the moment there are about 2,000 thunderstorms simultaneously operating on the Earth.”

The basic mechanism for electrical charge formation in the thunderstorm cloud is said to be the fact that “the electric charges in the clouds are concentrated on the small particles such as rain-drops, snowflake, pieces of ice and aerosols.” Here we have textbook connection with the understanding that world weather has been manipulated by ‘ice-nulceation’ and aerosol spraying.

Properties of Aerosols Used for Weather Modification / 1982
Paul J. DeMott, , William G. Finnegan, and , and Lewis O. Grant
Department of Atmospheric Science, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, 80523

Chemical kinetic theory and methodology is applied to examine the ice nucleating properties of silver iodide (AgI) and silver iodide-silver chloride (AgI-AgCl) aerosols in a large cloud chamber held at water saturation. This approach uses temporal data on ice crystals formation with changes in key nucleation parameters such as temperature, water vapor concentration and droplet concentrations. The inter-relationships between ice nucleation effectiveness, nucleation mechanisms, nuclei chemical and physical properties and the rate of appearance of ice crystals can be deduced. The theory and methodology can be applied to atmospheric experimentation.
Ice nucleation effectiveness increases of up to three orders of magnitude over that of AgI aerosols can be achieved with AgI-AgCl solid solution aerosols. Both aerosols are shown to form ice crystals by predominantly contact nucleation at temperatures of −16°C and warmer. Nucleation of the ice phase following collision is identified as a very rapid process, so that the rate of appearance of ice crystals is controlled by the much slower transport rate of nuclei to cloud droplets. The higher efficiency of AgI-AgCl nuclei with respect to the standard AgI nuclei is attributed to an improvement in the relative rates of nucleation versus deactivation or solution following collision of the nuclei with cloud droplets. This increase is most probably due to epitaxy and/or surface “active site” improvements. At a temperature of −20°C, all tested aerosols formed ice crystals by a combination of contact nucleation and deposition nucleation. The percentage of ice crystals formed by deposition correlated well with a minimum particle size of 500 Å for an appreciable deposition rate.

The authors describe the hydrodynamic processes inside a thundercloud, however they ask the reader to notice that “the electrical structure/charge distribution of actual thunderclouds is much more complicated” as compared to the model they use. Countless times have I seen similar statements in every textbook I have read on plasma physics. Again and again the subtle complexities of God and Nature are ‘for convenience’ simplified and forced into ‘useful’ equations that can produce material results engineered for military weapons, weather manipulation, and energy production.


The current that flows between the thunderhead and the ground along the path “created by the preceding leader return stroke pairs” in lightning flashes makes a significant contribution to the low frequency portion of natural electromagnetic noise, especially to the ULF/ELF region which contains global electromagnetic resonances.

“The conventional mechanism of the air breakdown is due to the thermal ionization of the air by low energy electrons in the presence of strong energy fields, which occasionally occurs inside and around thunderheads.” I surmise that strong energy fields may also be produced by ionospheric heaters such as HAARP or other types of rf/microwave emitters.

“Considering that there are perhaps 2,000 thunderstorms in progress around the world at any time, the measurement that show slow diurnal variations of the Earth electric field are in good agreement with the variations of the global thunderstorm activity. … In particular, the diurnal variations of the Earth electric field correlate with the diurnal variation of the global thunderstorm activity. … The weather condition and climate peculiarities may greatly affect the distribution of lightning discharges over the Earth surface.

We are able to enjoy life on this planet because of Nature’s perfect elegance, the balanced God energies that make up everything we take for granted, from the rain that falls on our parched lips and replenishes earth’s rushing rivers — to the magnificent electrically charged forests that have nourished and given us shade and shelter for centuries.

“The global thunderstorm centers play a crucial role in the formation of global electric circuit of the Earth. It is commonly accepted that the total electric current arising from the global lightning activity must nearly cancel the inverse background atmospheric current, which is distributed around the whole globe. The global electric current is capable of sustaining both a constant potential difference between the Earth and the ionosphere and the fair weather electric field near the Earth surface.”

It doesn’t take much imagination to speculate how this elegant balanced harmony of Nature has quite possibly already been skewed beyond repair, perhaps destroyed for eons. We just don’t know. And neither do these Dr. Strangelove arrogant fools who want to play God with the only home we know, planet Earth. The ancient Vedic Sanskrit has one word for both the heavens and the earth, RODASI. Why have we forgotten our place in this sacred universe?

V. Susan Ferguson





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