“We were all fooled, thinking we are helping our dying planet. We don’t have much time left…” / from an Aerospace Engineer



“We were all fooled, and some still are, thinking they are part of a program to help our dying planet.
Ray Hoisington on Dane Wigington’s GeoEngineeringWatch.org
August 14, 2016 at 10:42 am

Hello All,
It’s been some time since I posted – and this is also a progress report.
I want to first thank Dane for his work.  I have never met a man so dedicated and tireless to his convictions (and now mine) in my 62 years on planet Earth.  Dane challenges me to be a better human being, and to bring what intelligence I can to the effort of sharing credible information on Geoengineering.

At first glance, I thought Dane was crazy, just another man with a mission.  But he made a statement “don’t believe what I say, read and investigate for yourself”.  No, a crazy man would not say this, I need to follow up and see for myself.

The Light Of Truth began to shine after I began researching Dane’s references – they were solid facts.  So WHY the urgency?  What was going on here?  Why was Dane so emphatic in his writings and radio show?

Because we don’t have much time left folks.

My estimate is that planet Earth will no longer support life by 2025.

I am an Aerospace Engineer, over 40 years, and this is no joke.

The NASA CERES (Cloud and Earth Radiant Energy System) was a follow-on project to ERBE (Earth Radiation Budget Satellite), satellites and instrumentation to study the Earth’s energy balance.  In other words, how much energy do we get from the Sun, and how much is radiated back into space.

I have been studying CERES data for over a year, trying to show the difference between two different 5 year periods, 2000-2005  compared with 2010-2015.  I assumed NASA was completely above board, and that the DATA I received was ‘untouched’ by human hands.

In particular, the data is called Bi-Directional Scans, or BDS – and within this data are 3 derived Radiance values in the 0.3-5.0 Micrometers, 8.0-12.0 Micrometers, and a total channel 0.3-200 Micrometers.

Then I saw the disclaimers, like the use of the word “Experiment” – which means no-one is accountable in case something goes wrong, and another caveat for our wonderful government in aerospace:  the data is derived using algorithms.

Most of the math is calculus, and not easy to follow without a working knowledge of the subject – and then someone to explain “just what the hell are they trying to do”?

In my past, I worked at the NASA Ames/Dryden Flight Research Center at Edwards AFB in California – it was a ‘High Altitude’ project under the ERAST program – and my point here is:  I met these people, I worked with them – and some of them were very dedicated to reaching their goals, but they all failed to understand (as I did until I met Dane) that this research was in place to SUPPORT the Weather Modification Programs in place at the time.  No-one I worked with was aware of this – and this was in 1994.  22 years ago.

We were all fooled, and some still are, thinking they are part of a program to help our dying planet.

Even though my ‘white paper’ is not ready for release, I can say one very important fact:  the Ultraviolet Radiation is killing us all.

If you have ever considered an Exponential Curve upwards – then you know how vastly greater the number is than just a linear progression – the UV is on that exponential curve.

The Geoengineering efforts to block Solar Radiation has decimated our Ozone layer – which used to stop UV “C” in the upper atmosphere.  This extremely dangerous radiation is now reaching the surface of the Earth – and even into our oceans – destroying all those little creatures we learned about in biology 101, plankton, amoeba, protozoa, – this is the very foundation of our food chain.  The energy level of the UV radiation is literally cooking them to death.  Them, and US.

My focus now, is to corroborate with data from CERES, and publish it to my peers.  I have over 1 year invested so far – in something that should have taken less than 2 months – setbacks, computer glitches, email account hacked – I think someone knows I have the ability to succeed – and they are in opposition at every turn.

Then I call Dane – get a pep talk – and hit the books again!  No time for depression – WE MUST STOP GEOENGINEERING.

Be well everyone – work HARD, and pass it on!


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