The Geoengineered Electronic Warfare Sky over the Olympic Peninsula WA / August 2016

“Yet, we cannot go around hurting other people and claim we are justified simply because it might be the case that those costs will redound to their benefit. … the negative side effects of risky geoengineering will likely fall on the most vulnerable and least responsible individuals.”
Who May Geoengineer: Self-defense, Civil Disobedience, and Revolution (Part Two) – Patrick Taylor Smith /August 15, 2016 /  dcgeoconsortium




VSF: What people out here on the Olympic Peninsula don’t seem to understand is that the technology involved in geoengineering is the same technology that generates the EW electronic warfare environment used by the US Navy that has turned the once pristine Olympic Peninsula into an electronic war zone and a rf/microwave hell. The US Navy uses the same dispersion of nano-sized toxic metals, aluminum, barium, strontium, Zinc sulfides, etc. to enhance their electronic warfare operations and “juice” the atmosphere.

There is no essential difference in geoengineering, climate engineering, electronic warfare technology, ‘fracking’ the Ionosphere with HAARP, rf/microwave transmitters & emitters, and fusion energy. These are all technologies developed from plasma physics and the very insane ‘estimated for their convenience’ equations that allow these arrogant lunatics to play God. They are failing and reducing our days on this once beautiful planet by the moment.

The image below is not enhanced in any way.






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