They understand the universe and You as one …



Jagadish, O Lord of the Universes, O Lord of one hundred and eighteen worlds, tavaiva bhakti-bhajo, those are Your real devotees who find you amidst the state of the universe, amidst the universal state.

They find you, they achieve you, in the center of the Universe — first.  Punaretat bhavato’ntarat labhante, then, when they find you, they find the Universe in You.

They find You in the universe, and afterwards, after finding You in the universe, they find the universe in Your body!  Tavaiva bhakti, this is the way of the understanding of Your devotees.

Na hi tesham iha durato’sti, there is nothing away from them.  There is nothing far away for them, from their understanding.  They understand the universe and You as one because they first experience You in the universe and then experience the universe in Your body.

So, it is one and the same thing.  It may be the universe, it may be You.  This is one and the same thing.

Festival of Devotion & Praise
Shivastotravali Hymns to Shiva
Revealed by Swami Lakshmanjoo
Universal Shaiva Fellowship / 2014


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