Remain in the Love Frequency…

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God is Love.

Remain in the Love Frequency in whatever way you can. Living in the Love Frequency will protect you from all harm. Anguish and anger will connect you with the demonic, those pesky control-freak astral entities and tyrannical extraterrestrial races that have no ability to connect with the One – as we humans do through our Chakra system.

Kundalini is our natural state and our God-given right as it allows us to plug into the Creative Power that generates this universe. In the Satya Yuga, the Golden Era, we all would have been constantly accessing our Kundalini energies and thus we would have been completely independent, sovereign, and not vulnerable to any form of tyranny.

God is Love. Remain in the frequency that is God. Live every moment in God’s Love Frequency Waveform. And you will be safe from harm, immortal.  This is Bhakti Yoga, Union through Devotion.  Seek refuge in Divine Love.  All Love is sacred.  God is Love.






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