Filament “critters” in my house / September 9, 2016


I really sincerely did not want to believe the images of filaments that move by themselves, Morgellons, etc. But tonight [Sept.9] the setting sun hit the top of my computer at the perfect angle and I saw these tiny filament things moving about on their own. Dust does not move. I stood up and looked at them for a long time. I tried breathing, not breathing, got the small flashlight that was handy in the drawer, and the more I looked the worse this got. They were autonomous, not reacting to anything I did. They were moving – or not moving on their own. Although they did respond at bit to the photons coming from the flashlight. Granted what I did was subtle, because I did not want to destroy the evidence.


By the time I got my camera, the angle of the sun had changed, so the photos could have been better. The image at the top of the page, I ‘enhanced’ to try to get more clarity. The others are untouched. The salmon color blinds are closed behind my computer.


So are these the nano-bot filaments that people say once we breath them are capable of working their way into our respiratory system, our blood stream, and our bodies. And we are all breathing thousands of the every moment of every day. If there was ever evidence for genocide… The people who are inundating the planet with this technology are either non-human or they are completely insane.





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