The Harmonic Conquest of Space by Bruce Cathie / and Spanda “the abode of the flashing unparalleled delight”


This universe is but a minute particle of that which is Spanda, the abode of the flashing unparalleled delight — the display of various states of creation, maintenance and withdrawal.

“…sound and light are vibratory phenomena … indeed all of physical reality is composed of the solidification of vibrational energies. Long before the discoveries of modern physics, the Shaivite concept of Spanda intimates a view of reality as composed of a vibratory web of infinite complexity. Tantric Shaivism would have us understand that the vibratory energies that compose our physical reality are themselves condensations of ultimate consciousness. … phenomenal manifestations of the ultimate consciousness, enmeshed in a complex vibratory matrix.”     – Paul E. Muller-Ortega

The Yoga of Vibration and Divine Pulsation, A Translation of the Spanda Karikas with Ksemaraja’s Commentary, the Spanda Nirnaya, translated by Jaideva Singh (the disciple of Swami Lakshmanjoo); State University Press of N.Y. 1992.











Bruce Cathie: The Harmonic Conquest of Space

“The only way to traverse the vast distances of space is to possess the means of manipulating or altering the very structure of space itself — altering the space-time geometric matrix, which to us provides the illusion of form and distance. The method of achieving this lies in the alteration of the frequencies controlling the matter-antimatter cycles that govern our awareness or perception of position in the space-time structure.” 

Physical reality manifested by inter-locking wave-forms

Bruce Cathie’s theories are based in his discovery of a “series of harmonic unified equations which indicated that the whole of physical reality was in fact manifested by a complex pattern of inter-locking wave-forms.” He realized that, because everything on this planet, every form we take as reality no matter what, existed solely by “reason of magnetic lines of force” and therefore these lines of magnetic force would form a lattice or grid pattern. He compares the formation of this planetary grid to a ball of string being wound by a machine, thus producing criss-cross patterns whose point of crossing produce a small vortex. Each small vortex in turn manifests as an atomic structure and creates a gravitational field within itself.

The world grid is “the natural grid that is formed by the lattice pattern of the interlocking lines of magnetic force.” The Universe according to Cathie does not rely on chance and precise mathematics are at work, which he offers the reader but I will not discuss. Cathie’s research built up a picture of the possible geometric combinations that would form into matter “from resonating, interlocking wave-forms.” Thus we begin to grasp how wave-form frequencies are transformed into holographic universe and perceived via the five-senses as the elements, solid, cold, color, etc.

Spanda the Divine Pulsation

Cathie: “Matter is formed through the positive stage, or pulse, and anti matter through the negative pulse. Each spiral of 360˚ forms a single pulse.” The Sanskrit word ‘spanda’ means pulsation and is one of the primary theories of Kashmir Shaivism. In the Spanda Karikas, the enlightened genius saint Abhinavagupta defines Spanda as: “…Spanda is only a throb, a heaving of spiritual rapture in the essential nature of the Divine which excludes all succession.”

The translator Jaideva Singh: “Movement or motion occurs only in a spatio-temporal framework. The Supreme [the One that pervades all] transcends all notions of space and time; therefore…It is the throb of I-consciousness (vimarsha). The Divine I-consciousness is spiritual dynamism. It is the Divine creative pulsation. …Spanda is therefore spiritual dynamism without any movement in itself but serving as the causa sine qua non of all movements.”

The Kashmir Shaivite Abhinavagupta further explains spanda: “…the Immovable [One] appears ‘as if moving’ because though the light of consciousness does not change in the least, yet it appears to be changing…The Immovable appears as if having a variety of manifestation.”

Bruce Cathie: “The circular motion of an electron about the nucleus of an atom is therefore an illusion. The relative motion of the nucleus and electrons through space gives the illusion of circular motion.” Even at the most basic level, the illusory nature of Shakti’s Maya (the creative power of Illusion) is evident.

Cathie: “Matter and antimatter are formed by the same wave-motions in space. The waves travel through space in a spiraling motion, and alternatively pass through positive and negative stages.” Can this be the real meaning of light & dark, gods & demons, day & night in the ancient Sanskrit texts?



Vibratory waves & magnetic forces give birth to the elements


Cathie: “The period during the formation of antimatter is completely undetectable, since obviously all physical matter is manifesting at the same pulse rate… The period or frequency rate between each pulse of physical matter creates the measurement that we call time…”

In ‘While the Gods Play’, Alain Danielou explains the ancient theory of Samkhya thus:

“Space represents pre-matter, the substratum in which energy can be manifested in the form of vibratory waves and magnetic forces which give birth to the elements, to the appearance of matter. In the conception of Samkhya … the subtle precedes the concrete … objects are simply made up of galaxies of atoms, centres of energy … [whose] appearance is illusory. Time and everything that will be established in the universe are forms of energy. The various forms of time are simply the relative measurement of dynamic tendencies (vritti), the vibratory or gravitational movements that constitute matter, the perceptible substance of the universe.”

Bruce Cathie formulated “harmonic unified equations which indicated that the whole of physical reality was in fact manifested by a complex pattern of interlocking wave-forms.”  His research attracted the attention of intelligence agents, government personnel and scientists, some of whom offered him employment in exchange for his silence and secrecy. Cathie refused. He continued to share his findings freely. It was obvious to Cathie that he was on to something very big, and he realized that this “energy network formed by the grid was already known to a powerful group of international interests and scientists.” Cathie also realized how such knowledge could be used to literally take over and control the whole world.



Bombs, free energy & UFOs

One of his amazingly startling discoveries was that “an atomic bomb is a device based on the geometrics of space and time.” Because of the precision positioning and timing required to detonate such a bomb, he realized that an “all-out atomic war was an impossibility.” Both sides of such a war would easily be able to calculate the time and position of any target, and “only certain geometric locations could be devastated anyhow.”

Cathie’s research involves the production of energy: “An unlimited amount of free electrical energy can be tapped from the gravitational fields…” This naturally leads us to Dr. Nikola Tesla and the suppression of his discoveries, which might have prevented the tragic consequences of our reliance on fossil fuels, both in terms of toxic pollution, wars fought, and just plain greed.

Another aspect of Cathie’s research relates to anti-gravitational flight, and thus the UFO phenomena. It is my view that the Rig Veda does contain knowledge of our progenitors and their technologies. 

Truly higher advanced civilizations, meaning those who are endowed with an enlightened higher consciousness would not consider the underlying metaphysical principles that govern the creation of the universe to be separate from manifested material appearances. Technologies such as spacecraft, planetary climate modulation, and even the amazing weaponry described in the epic Mahabharata, would be based on metaphysics or a hyper-dimensional physics.

A technologically advanced civilization would have understood the basics, as Cathie puts it “the alteration of the frequencies controlling the matter-antimatter cycles that govern our awareness or perception of position in the space-time structure.”

Cathie says that as his research progressed, various secret groups were increasingly uneasy about his findings. “It was becoming obvious now that gravity and the so-called speed of light were harmonic reciprocals of each other. As gravity increased, the speed of light decreased… Light…is an acceleration or deceleration according to geometric position. …Time itself would also alter in relation to the gravity and light factors.” Cathie was getting closer to understanding how our progenitors traverse such vast distances in space.

Our progenitors, the ‘Pitaram’ in Sanskrit, were skilled in manipulating or altering the very structure of space itself and altering “the space-time geometric matrix, which to us provides the illusion of form and distance.” Ah yes, the illusion of form, Maya, the creative power of the Matrix, Shakti-Maya who weaves magnetic fields and gravitational forces into harmonic grids of appearances.

These grids are magnetic fields which can act as highways for spacecraft. I have seen this myself at night over Mt. Rainier WA back in the 1980s when two friends and I witnessed a battalion of UFOs flying in formation through such a grid that appeared as neon-orange lines in the sky. According to Cathie, our visitors are systematically surveying planet Earth.



“Everything exists by reason of magnetic lines of force”

Why would the progenitors initially choose the Polar Regions? Returning to Cathie we find this: “In the polar areas of the grid, the geometric values of some of the coordinates appeared to be doubled up. The coordinate of … was doubled in the diagonals of the polar squares [of the grid], and all of its associated harmonics and other factors appeared to be doubled when the pattern was projected onto a flat plane.” Did the polar location double the anti-gravitational and propulsion energy? Did the progenitors settle where they could access the most juice? Is Soma [on the level of energy as solidified matter, not the esoteric Kundalini] in the Rig Veda in fact Tesla’s scalar energy extracted from the magnetic field?

Cathie: “I know now that what I had hold of was an equation related to the magnetic field of the Earth. The Earth is simply a huge magnet, a dynamo, wound with magnetic lines of force as its coils…there is an enormous magnetic field around the Sun…magnetic lines of force from the Sun envelope the Earth and extend to the Moon…everything, no matter what its form on this planet, exists by reason of magnetic lines of force.”

Clearly we see that everything is interconnected and indeed we live in a Woven Universe. What I hope to communicate is that the greatest technologies emerge from and are based in primordial metaphysics, not Newtonian five-sense perception physics. The Rishis composed their hymns in the knowledge that sound, Para-Vac in Sanskrit, could affect matter. They did know that sound generated harmonics that had power — and the Rig Veda mantras still posses that power which has somehow survived as a kind of seed energy from another cycle of time.

Consider that what might have been evident, accepted knowledge, even ordinary in their ancient Polar Region days, began to be obscured in memory, veiled, confused and lost over the centuries. As their homeland and advanced civilization was obfuscated in memory, perhaps they could no longer connect the words to their original meaning — and they began to associate the words with what was in their current newer environment. Scholars remain divided about the meaning of the older Vedic Sanskrit words in the Rig Veda. There is no agreement.











Earth’s Magnetic Field

Cathie: “It appears now that the magnetic field strengths and areas change in conjunction with the light and gravity factors according to the change in latitude on the Earth’s surface. During these changes the harmonic relationships remain constant. …The whole system of universal harmonics is based on the geometrics of the circle. …Ancient constructions also comply with the harmonic values. These secrets have been handed down through the ages.”

Earth’s magnetic field has become the focus of much recent research and the European Space Agency ESA has sent three satellites up to observe our magnetic field. The reason for this is that science seems to be bewildered clueless about our current extremes of climate, which some speculate may lead us into another Ice Age, or a catastrophic explosion of methane clathrates. I like to say that if we humans are going to worship anything, we should be worshipping our Earth’s magnetic field! She is our intelligent protector, the shield standing between us and total annihilation.

From ESA: “Launched in November 2013, Swarm is providing unprecedented insights into the complex workings of Earth’s magnetic field, which safeguards us from the bombarding cosmic radiation and charged particles. Measurements made over the past six months confirm the general trend of the field’s weakening, with the most dramatic declines over the Western Hemisphere. But in other areas, such as the southern Indian Ocean, the magnetic field has strengthened since January. The latest measurements also confirm the movement of magnetic North towards Siberia.”

Science that is not based on the timeless metaphysical principles that create this universe will inevitably lead us to the abyss of poisoned oceans, toxic farmlands, polluted skies, GMOs and vampire-squid tyrants.

As Rene Guenon says in his masterpiece, The Reign of Quantity: “It can be said with truth that certain aspects of reality conceal themselves from anyone who looks upon reality from a profane and materialistic point of view, and they become inaccessible to his observation…”


The whole universe has come into existence just to carry you to God-Consciousness. — Kashmir Shaivite Swami Lakshmanjoo.

Enlightenment within the bondage of earth-plane density and delusion is the first step, the entry point into… …


V. Susan Ferguson

The Harmonic Conquest of Space, by Bruce Cathie; Adventure Unlimited Press, Illinois, 1998.


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