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Artificial Ionospheric Plasma Clouds Using HAARP
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Artificial balls of plasma have been produced in the upper atmosphere (160 to 200 km altitude) using the 3.6 MW high frequency (HF) transmitter facility known as HAARP (High frequency Active Auroral Research Program).  These glow plasma discharges were generated in November 2012 as a part of the Basic Research on Ionospheric Characteristics and Effects (BRIOCHE) campaign in Alaska. The plasma balls (or electron density enhancements) are being studied for use as artificial mirrors at altitudes 50 km below the natural ionosphere to be used for reflection of HF radar and communications signals. The density of these plasma clouds is proportional to the square of the transmission frequency, which is an integer harmonic of the electron cyclotron frequency.

2013 NRL REVIEW Laboratory Experiments:
The HAARP experiments are being complemented with a series of laboratory studies using high-power electromagnetic waves to produce glow plasma discharges (Fig. 5). A microwave signal at 2.45 GHz is amplified using a porous spherical cavity resonator developed in the Plasma Physics Division to break down the neutral gas inside the resonator.

A low-pressure chamber developed for microwave processing has been modified for these demonstrations of plasma ball creation. The microwave-driven plasma laboratory is being used as a surrogate for HAARP to study the role of initial plasma seeds for creation and maintenance of artificial plasma clouds. These experiments have shown that it is difficult to produce electron clouds with densities greater than the critical frequency.

Radio diagnostics of the artificial plasma clouds are (1) ground-based radio soundings and (2) reception of stimulated electromagnetic emissions (SEE). Figure 4 illustrates the signature of an artificial plasma cloud near the 4th gyro harmonic resonance in the ionosphere.  When the electromagnetic pump wave is tuned to the resonance, the electrostatic waves are generated by the parametric decay instability. These waves are converted to electromagnetic emissions to be detected on the ground as downshifted spectral features. These same electrostatic waves accelerate electrons to high enough energy for collisional ionization of the ambient neutral gas forming the plasma cloud. The ionospheric sounder detects this cloud as an apparent layer below the ambient ionosphere.


Radio frequency spectrograph showing the stimulated electromagnetic emissions from the ionosphere during times of artificial plasma cloud generation. The inset figures are ionosonde records of the ionosphere with (left) and without (right) a signature of an artificial plasma cloud. The H4 layer is labeled to indicate the plasma cloud produced with an HF pump wave near the 4th gyro harmonic. This ionosonde feature is preceded by the DSMass spectral emissions centered 110 kHz below the transmitter frequency. Tuning the pump frequency away from the 4th harmonic resonance eliminates both the DSMass and the H4layer plasma cloud. (DSMass = downshifted mass; DM = downshifted maximum; BUM = broad upshifted maximum) for reflection of the incident electromagnetic wave. Also, slow venting of neutral gases into the chamber has been used to study the effect of composition changes and neutral winds on the formation of the artificial plasma glow discharges.

Summary: By successfully making stable plasma clouds in both the upper atmosphere and the laboratory, NRL scientists are closer to producing artificial ionospheric mirrors with high-power radio waves.  Breakthroughs in plasma cloud formation are accomplished by integrating HAARP upper atmospheric experiments, computer modeling with nonlinear plasma theory, and laboratory breakdown experiments.



VSF: I believe that I saw one of these plasma ‘clouds’ a few months back. I thought it was an ET sphere, the kind that have been photographed around the Moon. Now I think that was wrong and that what I saw was the work of the US Navy.

Here are two of my photos taken over the Olympic Peninsula WA:




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