The Secret of the Heart


The Secret of Reaching God through the Heart

God is Love. The God-within us all, dwells in the Heart. The Heart is within each of us and simultaneously ubiquitous, expanding everywhere throughout the universe.  “What is called Love,
 is the Universe hidden in one word…  Therefore to reach God-Consciousness we must be and remain in a Love Frequency-Waveform.

We cannot unite with God or get entry into God-Consciousness through the mind.

All the great masters have said exactly this. No matter how erudite, mentally brilliant, how many systems of Wisdom Knowledge they learned and practiced, in the end it was their Love for God and Divine Grace alone that brought them Home.

In sincere humility, we study the various expositions of Wisdom Knowledge to raise the frequency of our consciousness and to understand our spiritual experiences as we walk upon the Razor’s Edge, otherwise we would fall into the abyss on either side. This Wisdom Knowledge is necessary. However it is our Devotion to God that allows us our consciousness to Become one with our Creator and Source.

In the moments of Realization you understand this very clearly. God is Love. Therefore Loving God is the key, the final answer that allows us to pass through the self-created Veils that are keeping us in this delusion, our self-generated temporal illusory hologram.

In my own life there have been many times that have I been down on my knees, weeping in total anguish, surrendering my pride and asking for help. These moments are so very precious, because they sweep away the small identity-self ego and allow the real true eternal Self to expand within our consciousness – and help us to Remember who we are. This is the value of Love, and the extraordinary irreplaceable supreme value of the Act of Surrender to the eternal Divine within. This is the secret.

The reason that mystics have always spoken of this experience in terms that are ‘sexual’ is that the act of union between a man and a woman is the best metaphor for the mystical experience of Union with God. Just as both a man and woman must surrender in the act of Love in order to unite, we must surrender everything to the God-within us. Divine Surrender is actuated on many levels – physical, mental, and the subtle. This may take place all at once for some – or in subtle stages. Treasure these exquisite moments of your Return.

When you are in God-Consciousness, or even feeling just a bit one with God, then such an amazing sense of Peace and Fulfillment pervades your entire being. It is as if every cell in your subtle body is shimmering with Love, warmth and the sweetest ecstasy. Reflecting on these sacred moments you will be so very grateful for all the pain you endured, psychic, emotional and even physical pain that led you to find your way Home out of the delusion thicket. Then there is nothing but gratitude to God for the Grace that lifted the Veils of Forgetting and embraced you in eternal Love. Your are purified, clean, whole again. Home!





Everything ‘mental’ you need to know is in the Shiva Sutras and the Bhagavad Gita, which are both free on my primary website. Proceed with your own practices and then get down on your ‘proverbial’ knees – at least in Spirit – and ask God for help. First seek the Kingdom of Heaven, meaning that God-Consciousness within you. Ask and it shall be given. Maybe not in that exact moment, but in time inevitably. Trust. Have faith. A man is what he believes. Is this realm of the ‘appearance’ of matter, that is based on the delusional five-sense perception any more real than your own subtle inner imagination?

Like the most ardent faithful lover, God is waiting patiently for our Return. This is why the universe was created.

The Secret in the Heart

Oh Lord, that dwells within my Heart,
Your Beauty is everywhere …
I love You in fireflies, in green growing, a soft breeze,
Sunlight dancing on water, that light in their eyes.
I loved You in Your rushing rivers,
I fell into that young man’s eye …
Carried cresting on Your waves
Upon sandy oceans’ shores,
I looked for You beneath still waters
And cried in storms that tore my heart.
It seems I saw You everywhere
But in that secret place.
There You waited,
All along.
How was I to know You’d pick
Such a humble spot to dwell?
I thought of You on top of Everest,
Unreachable as stars as well …
And all along You held Yourself inside,
And went on with Your waiting …
“I love you …”
You would whisper
When I was least aware.

V. Susan Ferguson

“This whole universe has come into existence just to carry you to God consciousness.”         –  Swami Lakshmanjoo, The Shiva Sutras


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