“This deluded confused world does not recognize Me” / Bhagavad Gita VII.24-27

Bhagavad Gita VII

Though I am unmanifest, invisible, unapparent,
the unintelligent, the stupid ones,
they imagine Me as having fallen into manifestation,
changed into visibility,
not knowing, not being aware of My higher Being,
which is imperishable, eternal, unsurpassed.

I, being covered, enveloped in the Power of My Illusion,
Yoga Maya, am not visible,
manifest shining, apparent to all.
This deluded confused world does not recognize Me,
does not perceive Me,
the unborn birthless eternal Imperishable.

I know the departed beings, those that have passed
beyond and crossed over, the dead,
and I know the moving living existing,
and those who are yet to be,
but indeed, no one knows Me.

Because of the arising of desire
and hatred, loathing and aversion,
because of the delusion of the dualities,
all beings fall into Delusion at birth.

My translation based on the Sanskrit word definitions found in ‘The Bhagavad Gita’ by Winthrop Sergeant, State University Press, 2009 edition.




Swami Lakshmanjoo, Kashmir Shaivite Saint & Scholar
Bhagavad Gita In the Light of Kashmir Shaivism / Chapter Seven

When there is desire and there is hatred, there is desire and there is negation of desire, when you love and when you hate in this world, when you conduct these things in this world, dvanda mohena, this is the illusion of dvanda, this is the illusion of two opposites. And if these two opposites are living in your mind … all these beings, all these souls are kept in great unconscious state at the time of MAHAPRALAYA [the Great Dissolution].  They don’t get Liberation.

All those that are not fit to become JIVAN MUKTI [liberated in life], they remain in PRAKRITI [the Matrix], under prakriti, under chloroform, in subtle bodies. They are kept in chloroform state, dead state. In subtle bodies they are stored at the time of MAHAPRALAYA. When this gap of mahapralaya is over, then they are created again in MAYA [the creative Power of Illusion, the Matrix]. When maha-pralaya is over, they are kicked out again into this mortality …

When there is only Love … you are Liberated.


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