Poison Sky on the Olympic Peninsula WA compliments of the US Navy / late September 2016


The reports on the death of trees from BC and other locations in Canada are truly horrible. So often I watch the Navy push their toxic radio-frequency/microwaved cloud-cover up onto BC.  The people who are doing this poisoning of us and our planet are going to need immunity from more than lawsuits. They will need immunity from public rage if the population ever wakes up to the fact that we are being systematically poisoned everyday under the false pretenses of saving the planet from global warming. A more likely scenario is that the geoengineering, which has been going on for 60 years now, has actually made the ‘warming’ of our planet worse.  Who or what is terra-forming the Earth?

I believe that Dane Wigington is correct in his thinking that the only chance we have is to stop this total insanity – and hope that the Laws of Nature will eventually correct the abuses and assaults that have ruined the subtle balances, the cosmic harmony that allowed Life to exist here on planet Earth for countless centuries. When I see these ugly heinous abominations in the sky over the once pristine Olympic Peninsula, I feel as many others feel.  I want to scream at the locals here — Can’t you see how wrong these clouds are?  But they don’t look up.  All I can do is take these photos and hope that more wake up. Tragic. Who knows how much time we have before the now ongoing methane release becomes untenable with unimaginable consequences. How much time before the Arctic melts and the coastal cities are inundated. There will be hordes of desperate people, families with children, and armed gangs on the move – and and little to feed them.


This “black” cloud is obviously full of the toxic coal ash.






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