The Secrecy & Cover-Up of the Contractual Agreements of the Extraterrestrials with World Governments is a Significant Contributor to the Spreading of Global Totalitarianism



The Secrecy & Cover-Up of the Contractual Agreements of the Extraterrestrials with World Governments is a Significant Contributor to the Spreading of Global Totalitarianism

We live in a temporal holographic universe that is based on polarities, positive and negative. There are multiple other categories of universes. We are not alone. There are countless other inhabited planets with an enormous variety of entities. All is GOD. Astronomers using data from the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescopes and other telescopes have performed an accurate census of the number of galaxies in the Universe. There are at least 10 times as many galaxies in the observable Universe as previously thought.

Our planet Earth is becoming more and more of a frequency prison. Frequency waveforms are woven ever more tightly to bind us in Delusional Appearances based on limited five-sense perception, the miasma of amnesia as this current Kali Yuga comes to a close. The sole Refuge and only escape from from the confinement matrix of lower consciousness frequency waveforms is a higher consciousness. Seek higher ground within you own Heart.  The Door to Liberation is within each and every one of us.

“This whole universe has come into existence just to carry you to God consciousness.”   – Swami Lakshmanjoo, The Shiva Sutras

“… the system of secrecy relating to the UFOs and everything connected to it has been a significant contributor to the spreading of global totalitarianism. To maintain secrecy on this subject, control must be total. Secrecy not merely regarding the presence of others, but the fact that we have been developing a profoundly advanced infrastructure that is being kept away from ordinary people.”
— Richard Dolan, ‘The Secret Space Program and Breakaway Civilization’ / 2016

The UFO/ET question has been massively intentionally and effectively covered-up, far more than geoengineering. More people have been suicided, gone ‘missing’ or actually murdered in relation to the ETs, and their purported contractual agreements with governments and corporations. The secrecy surrounding the ET phenomena is far greater than the lies that are being propagated about climate engineering, weather warfare, and plasma technologies like ionospheric heaters, etc.

The secrecy of our ancient connection with multiple ETs races is sacrosanct. Zecharia Sitchin was vilified. I simply withdrew from the arena and sought refuge in the Sanskrit texts.  The secrecy allows the elite to implement their plan for world domination and as Richard Dolan has said, is “a significant contributor to the spreading of global totalitarianism.”  These technologies which are now being used and expanded to alter Earth’s climate, to terraform our planet, and to enhance electronic warfare are ET technologies. I have found these plasma technologies in the ancient Sanskrit text, the Rig Veda.

The rush to international agreements like the TPP and others is “to consolidate and formalize financial control over the world, to consolidate their independence from national laws and hence from ordinary citizens, and to inform intellectual property rights [R.Dolan].”  The elite will ensure that the common people get no access to these advanced technologies beyond what will entertain, herd and numb us in a plethora of screens, cell phones, social media like Facebook, (see articles below), transforming the internet into meaningless TV propaganda, etc., that are used to program us – and even worse, effectively alter the way our brain works.


Our planet is being terraformed, warmed for another species’ use. We are increasingly exposed to nano-particles of aluminum, barium, strontium, etc. falling on us from our once blue skies. These toxic metals accumulate in our bodies and brain – and are concomitant with a pandemic increase in dementia, Alzheimer’s, and various Attention Deficit syndromes. Our food and water are increasingly contaminated with chemicals, while Monsanto continues to expand around the globe. All of these poisons are building up in our bodies. Why is the happening? Why do our leaders not speak up and stop these many programs that so obviously lead to mass extinction? Are all those now in power in government and the corporatocracy the result of the hybridization program? Do we already have clones in our armies? Have they already gone over to the enemy, or as I have previously written — Are the elite already mutants?

Can anyone look at the numerous images of deformed heinous clouds I have posted from NASA EOSDIS Worldview and still doubt that a technology, which we know nothing about, is being implemented all around the planet to alter the atmosphere, cloud formation and the jet stream? Who gave them this technology? The available US Patents are damning in themselves, however there are said to be thousands of US Patents that are “classified” that we have no access to.

Beginning in high school, I have had so many experiences in regard to the ET question. In 1997 I was traveling lecturing for my Inanna books to the Whole Life Expo at the Los Angeles Airport, like a convention center. There was a room for speakers. I went in and it was empty, I was very tired and so I lay down on a sofa. Courtney Brown came in and acknowledged my presence. I said to him politely, “Don’t worry, I’m not going to bother you, talk to you.”  He thanked me and went into meditation. By sheer “accident” – and this is the way my remote viewing experiences always happen, spontaneous. I never try – by chance my consciousness “piggy-backed” him:
1. To Mars, where he went into underground tunnels to meet his friends the Martians, with reddish dried up skin like a chicken that has been over-cooked. They were very friendly, talking about Courtney helping them relocate to a desert area on Earth.
2. To visit the little Grays. Now I also know these beings – and when they noticed me, my consciousness, they were happy to see me. Courtney did not seem to notice my presence at all! Again very friendly beings. Their conversation centered around getting us ‘earthlings’ to accept them.
3. Last he went to his home in Georgia to look in on his family. All very normal. After this, he got up and left the room. Never said a word to me. Very mysterious.


I frequently find myself aboard a transparent ship, which is more my Home than this planet has ever been. Unfortunately I am not permitted to recall or reveal much of what is said there. I only know that because of the Law of Non-Interference, the benevolent ETs cannot interfere with the tragic take-over of planet Earth. This Law of Non-Interference is invoked by the tyrant based ETs because our governments and the corporations made contractual agreements with these various extraterrestrial races. The only way that an intervention could take place would be if enough of the human population woke up in defiance of their imprisonment, instead of passively accepting the Orwellian indoctrination and propaganda they are constantly being fed.

There still may be a War in the Heavens! Earth is a colony. One of millions. Planets and galaxies come and go. The Creator is ever renewing Its SELF as Creation, this Woven Universe. The sole Refuge and only escape from from the confinement matrix of lower consciousness frequency waveforms is a higher consciousness. Seek higher ground within you own Heart.  The Door to Liberation is within each and every one of us.

V. Susan Ferguson





Poisoned Mind: Social Media in the 21st Century
February 19, 2016 By davidjones
Inside the building operate government controlled and tasked teams of professional ‘trolls’. Spread across approximately 40 rooms, the trolls prowl the Internet in 12 hour shifts… for every Internet Research Centre in Russia, the CIA/NSA/GCHQ/private contractor nexus would be operating the equivalent of (at least) 20 such centres. Flooding the social media networks, news and other sites of their domestic populations with thousands upon thousands of comments, posts, disruption, disinformation and propaganda bullets every day. … software that actually scours the web, automatically switching between user names/identities and generating propaganda, provocations and automated comments as it goes. …envisage any online expression of ‘untruth’, ‘heresy’ or ‘dissent’ being automatically swamped beneath a torrent of managed obscurity, cyber-troll bile, distraction and chicanery. … ‘troll farms’ … document operations in ‘virtual communities’, ‘social identity theory’, ‘herding’, ‘mimicry’ and the ‘psychology of deception’. … to neutralising dissent and activism in the ‘target’ (domestic) populations … a new species – homo digitalis – a being safely cubicled and shepherded into approved opinions, paradigms…. … corporations now view social media and online social networks as their plaything and happy-hunting-ground – each ‘like’, ‘trend’, ‘tweet’ and online action the precious raw material to map, direct and monetise consumer behaviour. … Today’s brave new keyboard-warrior looks an awful lot like yesterday’s plantation indentured servant or herd of cattle (in sleek, Apple designed ergonomic garb). … our reliance/addiction to social media and its associated devices is already having a profoundly deleterious effect on basic cognitive skills, human interaction, attention spans and functional intelligence. Factor in a cocktail of narcissistic personality disorders and body dysmorphic disorders (with a chaser of smartphones and other hand-held devices) and humankind looks at last set to plunge over the precipice of unfathomable stupidity. …Does it take the mind of a paranoiac to wonder whether decades of social engineering research, think-tank profiling and Rand Corporation policy directives, coupled with the natural desires of bureaucrats, tyrants and salesmen (control of a captive market), has finally produced the perfect homogenised and pasteurised Panopticon Supermarket? An online, and global, Stepford village.

Poisoned Mind: Social Media in the 21st Century

Dating, secrecy, and coding: What it’s like on your first day when you get a job at Facebook
Antonio Garcia Martinez / Oct. 9, 2016,
“It was almost religious, and taken absolutely sincerely and at face value … this corporate fascism was intoxicating.”
Here’s where the genius in the on-boarding, and more broadly in Facebook, really lay. People joined Facebook, and like immigrants at Ellis Island, left their old, dated cultures behind, replacing them with an all-consuming new one. The on-boarding experience was designed precisely as the sort of citizenship oath that new Americans took in front of a flag and a public official. It was almost religious, and taken absolutely sincerely and at face value. Even in a culture brimming with irreverent disdain, I never heard anyone utter a word of cynical trollery about Facebook and its values, either at on-boarding or during my years of work there. As with Americans and “our troops,” motherhood, and the Constitution, certain things were enshrined, and nobody dared ridicule them.
In a posthistorical developed world devoid of transcendent values, whose pantheons look like North Korean grocery stores, bare shelves empty of any gods or heroes, this corporate fascism was intoxicating. Along with the new iPhone and MacBook laptop sitting in front of us, we received a laptop bag with one thing inside: a blue T-shirt emblazoned with Facebook in the trademark Klavika font. On any given day, half of Facebook’s employees would be wearing theirs, and many even photographed (and posted on Facebook, of course) pictures of their children wearing a Facebook onesie as their social media debut. Brownshirts became Blueshirts, and we were all part of the new social media Sturmabteilung.
Cynicism is the last refuge of the shiftless. I don’t cite this absolutist tendency for the cheap sardonic joke, the asshole hipster who’s too cool for school, but also too cool to believe in anything. No, I cite it because I was as seduced as the next guy sitting there in Pong, perhaps even more. The human need for immortality projects—those ends that dole out meaning and purpose beyond ourselves—hasn’t changed since the pyramids. The only difference now is the nature of the putative Holy Land, and the means for achieving it.

For our next lecture, the founding legends of Facebook were replaced by the stiff and formal sheriffs of corporate propriety known as HR. Two of them took the stage, sitting side by side, a male and a female, almost as if you needed one of each gender present to discuss the sensitive stuff.
Like Jesus speaking to his apostles, Facebook often imparted nuggets of its culture in the form of parables. The parable here concerned a misguided Facebook employee who leaked news of a soon-to-be-launched product to the tech press. Zuck reacted via a to-all email with the subject line “Please resign,” an alarming presence in anybody’s inbox. The email, which was projected onto the screen in Pong and read line by line, encouraged whoever had leaked to resign immediately, and excoriated the perpetrator for his or her base moral nature, highlighting how he or she had betrayed the team. The moral to this story, a parable of the prodigal son but with an unforgiving father, was clear: fuck with Facebook and security guards would be hustling you out the door like a rowdy drunk at the late-night Taco Bell.
Lesson imparted, time for that close second in Facebook priority: discretion.
As the curator of the largest collection of personal data outside of the NSA, Facebook was ripe for unprincipled internal abuse. Not only was such abuse unethical, but the PR hit from a story getting out about a jealous employee who stalked his wife, or immature interns checking out a celebrity’s messages, would be monumental and hugely embarrassing. As it was, people were wary of this druglike service called Facebook, with which they shared their most intimate human experiences, but also subconsciously resented and feared. Anything less than the strictest discretion would threaten to revoke the tenuous pass that hundreds of millions of users had granted that dark-blue box to mediate their lives.
I would personally know at least one person who’d get bitten with this, and be terminated after “the Sec,” as internal Facebook security was called, found out they were looking at profiles without an official reason. It was that simple: even try, and we’ll catch you, and you’ll be out of here so fast we’ll need to send a cleanup crew to remove the still-warm coffee mug from your desk.
The crowd took in all of this silently, with at most the occasional murmur or hint of furtive chatting between neighbors. The rousing buzz of the first speakers lingered; this HR session was like the DUI check you had to negotiate while driving home from a particularly convivial party. The cops seemed amenable, if a bit stern, as they went through their script.

Facebook ‘corporate fascism’ exposed in shocking testimony from former employee
Social network’s bizarre office environment laid bare as insider reveals secrets of Mark Zuckerberg’s empire / JASPER HAMILL / Oct.10, 2016
In an extract published by Business Insider, he described a cult-like corporate atmosphere where workers wore Facebook t-shirts and even circulated images of their children dressed in “children wearing a Facebook onesie as their social media debut”. He described the atmosphere as “corporate fascism” and described his fellow workers as “Blueshirts”. Martinez wasn’t suggesting that Facebook workers are goosestepping Nazis hellbent on world domination, but was referring to fascists’ tendency to bow down to leaders and subsume themselves within a social or corporate structure.
The former social media supremo said workers went through an intense initiation rite whenever they joined Facebook.

Facebook ‘corporate fascism’ exposed in shocking testimony from former employee

1977 V. Susan Ferguson / 1977

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