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UFO Statements By The World’s Top Military Leaders
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It is time for the truth to be brought out… Behind the scenes high-ranking Air Force officers are soberly concerned about the UFOs. But through official secrecy and ridicule, many citizens are led to believe the unknown flying objects are nonsense…. I urge immediate Congressional action to reduce the dangers from secrecy about unidentified flying objects.

Former CIA Director Vice Admiral Roscoe Hillenkoetter, signed statement to Congress, August 22, 1960.


I don’t know whether this story has ever been told or not. They weren’t called UFOs. They were called enemy helicopters. And they were only seen at night and they were only seen in certain places. They were seen up around the DMZ in the early summer of ’68. And this resulted in quite a little battle. And in the course of this, an Australian destroyer took a hit and we never found any enemy, we only found ourselves when this had all been sorted out. And this caused some shooting there, and there was no enemy at all involved but we always reacted. Always after dark. The same thing happened up at Pleiku at the Highlands in ’69.

General George S. Brown, USAF Chief of Staff, Department of Defense transcript of press conference in Illinois, October 16, 1973.


We have, indeed, been contacted — perhaps even visited — by extraterrestrial beings, and the US government, in collusion with the other national powers of the Earth, is determined to keep this information from the general public.

Victor Marchetti, former Special Assistant to the Executive Director of the CIA, in an article written by him for Second Look entitled “How the CIA Views the UFO Phenomenon”, Vol 1, No 7, Washington, DC, May, 1979.


In any case, the Air Force has arrived to the conclusion that a certain number of anomalous phenomena has been produced within Belgian airspace. The numerous testimonies of ground observations compiled in this [SOBEPS] book, reinforced by the reports of the night of March 30-31 [1990], have led us to face the hypothesis that a certain number of unauthorized aerial activities have taken place. Until now, not a single trace of aggressiveness has been signalled; military or civilian air traffic has not been perturbed nor threatened. We can therefore advance that the presumed activities do not constitute a direct menace.

The day will come undoubtedly when the phenomenon will be observed with technological means of detection and collection that won’t leave a single doubt about its origin. This should lift a part of the veil that has covered the mystery for a long time. A mystery that continues to the present. But it exists, it is real, and that in itself is an important conclusion.

Major-General Wilfred de Brouwer, Deputy Chief, Royal Belgian Air Force, “Postface” in SOBEPS’ Vague d’OVNI sur la Belgique – Un Dossier Exceptionnel, Brussels: SOBEPS, 1991.


More than 10,000 sightings have been reported, the majority of which cannot be accounted for by any “scientific” explanation… I am convinced that these objects do exist and that they are not manufactured by any nation on Earth. I can therefore see no alternative to accepting the theory that they come from some extraterrestrial source.

Air Chief Marshal Lord Dowding, Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Air Force Fighter Command during the Battle of Britain, printed in Sunday Dispatch, London, July 11, 1954.


The evidence that there are objects which have been seen in our atmosphere, and even on terra firma, that cannot be accounted for either as man-made objects or as any physical force or effect known to our scientists, seems to me to be overwhelming… A very large number of sightings have been vouched for by persons whose credentials seem to me unimpeachable. It is striking that so many have been trained observers, such as police officers and airline or military pilots. Their observations have in many instances… been supported either by technical means such as radar or, even more convincingly, by… interference with electrical apparatus of one sort or another….

Lord Hill-Norton, Chief of Defense Staff, Ministry of Defense, Great Britain, 1973; Chairman, Military Committee of NATO, 1974-77; quoted from his foreword to “Above Top Secret” by Timothy Good, Morrow & Co’s Quill Books, 1988.


The number of thoughtful, intelligent, educated people in full possession of their faculties who have “seen something” and described it, grows every day… We can… say categorically that mysterious objects have indeed appeared and continue to appear in the sky that surrounds us.

General Lionel M. Chassin, Commanding General of the French Air Forces, and General Air Defense Coordinator of the Allied Air Forces of NATO, in foreword to Aime Michel’s “Flying Saucers and the Straight-Line Mystery”, Criterion Books, 1958.


I must say that if listeners could see for themselves the mass of reports coming in from the airborne gendarmerie, from the mobile gendarmerie, and from the gendarmerie charged with the job of conducting investigations, all of which reports are forwarded by us to the National Center for Space Studies, then they would see that it is all pretty disturbing.

I believe that the attitude of spirit that we must vis-a-vis this phenomenon is an open one, that is to say that it doesn’t consist in denying a priori, as our ancestors of previous centuries did deny many things that seem nowadays perfectly elementary.

M. Robert Galley, French Minister of Defense, interviewed on radio by Jean-Claude Bourret, February 21, 1974.


Taking into account the facts that we have gathered from the observers and from the location of their observations, we concluded that there generally can be said to be a material phenomenon behind the observations. In 60% of the cases reported here, the description of this phenomenon is apparently one of a flying machine whose origin, modes of lifting and/or propulsion are totally outside our knowledge.

Dr. Claude Poher, Ph.D. in astronomy, founder and first director of GEPAN, the UFO investigative office under the French government’s National Center for Space Sciences which analyzed reports from the Gendarmerie from 1974 through 1978, writing in the GEPAN Report to the Scientific Committee, June, 1978, Vol 1, Chapter 4.


Around Szolnok many UFO reports have been received from the Ministry of Defense, which obviously and logically means that they [UFOs] know very well where they have to land and what they have to do. It is remarkable indeed that the Hungarian newspapers, in general newspapers everywhere, reject the reports of the authorities.

George Keleti, Minister of Defense, Hungary, in article by Attila Lenart entitled “Ask a Question to the Minister of Defense: George Keleti, Are You Afraid of a UFO Invasion?”, Nepszava, Budapest, August 18, 1994.


UFOs sighted in Indonesia are identical with those sighted in other countries. Sometimes they pose a problem for our air defense and once we were obliged to open fire on them.

Air Marshall Roesmin Nurjadin, Commander-in-Chief of the Indonesian Air Force, in a letter to Yusuke J. Matsumura dated May 5, 1967, reprinted in Good ibid.


First of all, I told a magazine this past January that, as an underdeveloped country with regards to the UFO problem, Japan had to take into account what should be done about the UFO question, and that we had to spend more time on these matters. In addition, I said that someone had to solve the UFO problem with far reaching vision at the same time. Secondly, I believe it is a reasonable time to take the UFO problem seriously as a reality… I hope that this Symposium will contribute to peace on Earth from the point of view of outer space, and take the first step toward the international cooperation in the field of UFOs.

Toshiki Kaifu, Prime Minister, Japan, in a letter to Mayor Shiotani of Hakui City, dated June 24, 1990, endorsing an upcoming Space & UFO Symposium.


I believe that UFOs are spaceships or extraterrestrial craft… The nations of the world are currently working together in the investigation of the UFO phenomenon. There is an international exchange of data. Maybe when this group of nations acquires more precise and definite information, it will be possible to release the news to the world.

General Carlos Castro Cavero, General in the Spanish Air Force and former Commander of Spain’s Third Aerial Region, in an interview with J. J. Benitez, La Gaceta del Norte, Balboa, Spain, June 27, 1976.


No agency in this country or Russia is able to duplicate at this time the speeds and accelerations which radars and observers indicate these flying objects are able to achieve… there are objects coming into our atmosphere at very high speeds.

Admiral Delmer S. Fahrney, former head of the Navy’s guided-missile program, printed in New York Times, January 17, 1957, p. 31.


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Astronauts Statements


Quotes from US and USSR astronauts regarding UFOs




Metaphysics Beyond Earth:
“Psychics are Their Only Enemies” & My Personal UFO Sightings

V.Susan Ferguson

Why should the universe be limited to humans? With billions of galaxies out there, the idea that we are the only ones in creation seems to me self-centered idiocy! It makes no sense, especially when you consider that for the past six thousand years – all of written history – we wonderful human beings have not be able to stop conquering, torturing and killing each other for a New-York- minute.

The painting above of the “grays” was done by me in high school around 1962 in Texas. I remember that originally I painted their eyes black, but found them disturbing, so I painted white over the black.

There is simply no reason why the existence of other beings in our galaxy or beyond should destroy our faith in God. If anything, the expansion of creation to the far reaches of the stars on the contrary might amaze and delight us with new wonder. We don’t necessarily have to shoot to kill anything or anyone that doesn’t look like us or perhaps has a different belief system – although this has been our ongoing behavior with each other.

Ingo Swann is the father of remote viewing at the Stanford Research Institute and in his book ‘Penetration: The Question of Extraterrestrial & Human Telepathy’ – which is out of print and going for up to $900 a copy on Amazon.com – Swann makes the statement that “Earth psychics are their only enemies.”

Every painter meditates in one form or another, whether they are conscious of it or not. When you spend long hours in front of a blank white page or canvas, you are forced to control your wild-horse thoughts. I began to paint from the time I was 3 years old. Perhaps this is why I have been able to see so many UFOs or perhaps my experiences have something to do with the paintings I did many years ago (1961-2) back in high school. I believe that my years of practicing meditation opened me up to being able to “See”.

You may be wondering – What does meditation have to do with UFO sightings?

*Researchers like the recently deceased John Mack and many others who have spent years with abductees have discovered this: The ‘good’ – meaning spiritually evolved – ETs teach the abductees perennial wisdom very similar to certain doctrines found in eastern metaphysics, Hindu, Sufi and Buddhist.

*Anyone who meditates for long periods of time or for many years begins to ‘see’ things in the eye-of-the-mind, which in eastern thought is also called the Third Eye. These wonderful visions instruct and confirm our spiritual aspirations. I believe the existence of the Third Eye, when it is opened, is why some people see these entities and their ships while others do not.

My understanding is that in the previous cycle of time, before the advent of the Kali Yuga, we all had these abilities – meaning we all had access to so-called Invisible Realms, the ‘Lokas’ in Hinduism and the Buddhist Myriad Worlds. We all were ‘telepathic’ and therefore we could all communicate mind-to-mind; which would make lying impossible and writing unnecessary.
Even today, the Australian aborigines are reputed to be able to communicate over great distances with each other.

Far from evolving, I feel that modern man is but a fallen, even dysfunctional version of what he once was in another, say Golden era. What we call ‘material progress’ and the consumer mentality we worship, is poisoning the planet and creating an unsustainable environment. Some of the ETs are here to tell us just that. The others, who are definitely not compassionate beings, seem to be here for our DNA and whatever is useful to them.

What follows are my personal sightings and experiences:

1.     In high school, I painted a series of oil paintings that looked exactly like the Greys, the ETs with the big eyes. Was I abducted? I have no memory of it and no fear. The year was around 1962 and years before Whitley Streiber’s book ‘Communion’ was published. In fact it was only after the publication of that book that I realized what I had painted back then. The weird thing is that these paintings were immensely popular. You would think they would scare people, but nope! People loved them and even stole them. In 1964 I had an art exhibition at Princeton University and 3 of these ET oils were stolen right out of the gallery late at night.

2.     1973: The first up close sighting was in broad daylight up in Mount Shasta, where 1000s of sightings have taken place for years. I was hiking with 3 friends. I wandered off by myself for a minute and looked up to see the classic disc shape, rather pewter in color, hovering right above me. Frankly I was terrified and it seemed to sense my fear and shoot straight up into the blue sky and disappear. I naturally ran to my friends, saying ‘Did you see it?’ — Nope! Not one of them had seen a thing!

3.     1988: I was living in Washington State. Two very old and close friends were at my home, which had a perfect view of Mount Rainier. Now all 3 of us meditate and have a ‘sensitivity’ to vibes. We were standing on the deck looking at the mountain and the night sky, when all 3 of us saw the ships flying in a formation, one after the other down into the top of Mount Rainier. I know…too weird! There must have been 20 or 30 of them and they were flying on a ‘grid’ of sorts, which was made up of orange neon-like lines that extended out from the top of the mountain and must have served as a guidance system for them. We were stunned! We just keep saying to each other, over and over, “Are you seeing what I’m seeing?”

4.     1989: One night I was sleeping next to a large wide window. It was in the country with no one around and I like the night shadows. I opened my eyes and there was a ‘being’ floating outside my window horizontally. He didn’t look like anything I had ever seen, but he wasn’t ugly – just strange, other world-like. I was frozen – meaning I couldn’t move. He communicated to me mind-to-mind and said that he just wanted to show me that I was completely powerless. Was I agraid? Sort of – but also really curious. I never saw him again – that I recall.

5.     1996: I am flying into LAX. I look out the window and there is the weirdest UFO I have ever seen – it looked like that opera house in Australia! It was blue and silver and just sailed right by. Nobody seemed to notice. So I made a joke with myself – I said OK, let’s see another one. In a few minutes another one just like it but blue and gold sailed by.

6.     2003: In the night sky, I saw a disc-shaped UFO fall straight down very fast – as in perpendicular to the ground – and melt. The dark craft was seemingly round, and as it quickly fell, the part nearest to the earth became liquid light, which was pulsating, wiggling, dripping, like bright white fluid mercury in a sort of flexible crescent shape. Then it vanished, vaporized, disappeared. Nothing. I thought – someone must have shot it down because it fell straight down, no angle of trajectory. Later a friend suggested to me that it might have moved into another dimension. Maybe both.

These incidents and others have forced me to come to terms with what I saw and to try to understand within the context of my spiritual search. There is no reason why the existence of beings out in the universe should exclude spirituality and our search for meaning.

After these numerous sightings, I could never believe that UFOs don’t exist – no matter who tells me! The tragedy of disinformation and denial for so many of us, who have seen with our own eyes, is cruel and damaging – and has had the unfortunate if unintended consequence of making millions of otherwise honest citizens lose faith in the credibility of the government and the media. As Ingo Swann describes them, “…those echelons of conventional credibility that lasciviously get off on deconstructing those unfortunates who experience what they can’t prove.”

We are not alone! Hopefully we are in the process of beginning to accept this and to extend our limited understanding of our relationship with the universe far beyond what we have known in the past. Knowledge is not set in stone – it is fluid and growing, as it should be.

In the VAYU PURANA there is a description of the DEVAS, meaning the gods. It states that the Devas “have no fixed abode and they roam about in the atmosphere…All these Devas move about in aerial chariots and reside in the constellations and the planets also.”  [39.29-31]

The ancients knew about these beings, the so-called extra terrestrials, because the interacted with them. Arrogant as we are here in modern times, we have forgotten what we once knew! Far from evolving, our recent technology is bringing us close to extinction. We need to once again discover our relationship to creation and explore the underlying metaphysical principles that make up the universe.

As Swann says, “Earthsiders [he calls us] as a whole seem to be caught up in some kind of strange but broadly shared amnesia induced…”

We need to wake up!






VSF:  The aerosol spraying of our entire planet with nano-particulate metals toxic-to-us and the heterodyne interferometry transmitter technologies that are turning our atmosphere into a giant battery are the Trojan Horse “gift” of the tyrant-based ETs who are taking possession of our planet for their own purposes, which we remain in complete stupefied ignorance of.

Heterodyne Interferometry:  The effects in the EOSDIS Worldview images below are the result of two transmitters with different frequencies heating the new nano-sized particles, which allows the geoengineers to heat or cool the plasma, which they can then manipulate however they want.  Termed heterodyne interferometry.



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