Geoengineering, Weather Control & Heating the Ionosphere in the ancient sacred Sanskrit text the Rig Veda

Geoengineering, Weather Control & Heating the Ionosphere in the ancient sacred Sanskrit text the Rig Veda

What we term geoengineering would be a necessary technology for any and all beings who colonize the galaxies. Modification of climates, rivers, and even land masses would be basic to planetary colonization.  Indra is often translated as a ‘god’ in the Rig Veda. As ‘conqueror’ of the atmosphere, Indra would have mastery over the layers that make up earth’s atmosphere: troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, thermosphere, and ionosphere. Indra’s horses are said to be ‘peacock haired’ — perhaps suggesting iridescence or even laser antennas.

Rig Veda III.45

Come, Indra, conqueror of the sky and atmosphere,
the governing managing celestial aerial car [space ship]
moving, advancing with fearful yellow-green
[‘horse-power’ emissions], directing onward
a deep vibrant rumbling sound,
a low bass tone [ELF/ULFs] extends an intensive net,
a noose that snares, of uninterrupted succession
propagating resounding [ELF/ULF waveform frequencies]
from the bow-like [parabolic antenna that moves rotating]
similar to the [movement of the array of male] feathers of a peacock [attracting a female]
designed to pile up and form a layer or stratum of sound [waveform frequencies]

Indra, the conqueror of the sky
Eager for [yearning after] the intensity in the SVAR
[the ionosphere; the SVAR is the portion of the atmosphere that is lit by the sun, i.e. ‘the bright space sky’ as opposed to the DIV ‘which is regarded as the vault above it’]
by stabilizing, making stationary the space station [the RATHASYA, the vehicle of the gods]
Indra, the leader, the water-driver rents apart, destroys [the ‘topside’ layer or exosphere of the ionosphere]
by causing [the electric plasma energies] to revolve, to turn,
chewing, devouring, crushing shattering caverns [in the ionosphere]
breaking, directing, forming a stratum or layer [of ionization in this region]

Nearly less than 100 deeply penetrated,
very low tones [ELF/ULF electromagnetic frequencies]
like a song flow, issue out
go towards the upper most [ionosphere] in order that
pursuing correctly according to what is right,
as a good protector [shield],
a double convex lens separates [plasma]
filling as an ocean, river, ditch or trench
in order that the intention, plan, design,
purpose to accumulate, a cavity, a deep lake
proceeding continuously without interruption.

[the Sanskrit word here PUShYA can refer to a lunar asterism, Nakshatra, a section of the sky in the constellation of Cancer 04°17’ – 17°09’]

You Indra, conqueror of the atmosphere and sky,
shake, cause to tremble with sound roaring,
with the shock & shake of your thunderbolt [electric discharge in plasma]
the staff of an arc-like [ANKI] bow [curved arc]
to cook, boil [heat up the ionosphere]
leading to the goal, accomplishment – water. [vasu]
The speed of the stream comes,
is directed for us as it were, to produce [rain]
filling bringing large quantities, divided,
distributed in a degree of latitude and longitude.

To conquer the atmosphere and the upper reaches of space,
by the gracious glory of those many conquerors of the sky and atmosphere
who are the highly lauded and praised,
famous [for producing] water [rains]
by magnifying and increasing the energy,
power, and light of the sun’s luster [radiation is utilized]
to lead a river into a channel
[in others words to control precipitation, as in weather modification, and thus the waters in rivers, etc. available to mankind on earth],
through competent self-sustaining [technology]
illustrious crossing [trajectory].

Sanskrit word definitions Rig Veda III.45



Reflections on Weather Control in Rig Veda III.45

Vishvamitra, a highly revered and most interesting Rishi seer composed one of these early sections, Mandala III. In Rig Veda III.33 Vishvamitra commands a river to change it’s flow and allow him to cross:

“Vishvamitra speaks: Rivers, charged with water, rest a moment from your course at my request… The rivers speak: Hymner, we hear your words, that you have come afar … we bow down before you…” (This is not my translation. RGVEDA SAMHITA, Vol. II, Translation of H.H. Wilson).

Vishvamitra was conceivably an adept in sound and the science of ‘moving water’, which is the main intent of weather modification. Life on earth cannot exist without water. The primary authority in this science is Indra, whose name can be defined as ‘the conqueror of the atmosphere and sky.’ As conqueror of the atmosphere, Indra would have mastery over the layers that make up earth’s atmosphere: the troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, thermosphere, and ionosphere. It is the manipulation of the ionosphere that is the heart of HAARP:

“HAARP is a scientific endeavor aimed at studying the properties and behavior of the ionosphere, with particular emphasis on being able to understand and use it to enhance communications and surveillance systems for both civilian and defense purposes.”

I am suggesting that in the previous cycles of time, these technologies were known to the scientists of the ancient world and India.  Atlantis was reputed to use advanced techniques of weather modification. It is only very recently that we would even be able to apply an understanding of Ionospheric Heating to these Sanskrit words.
Indra is not an individual but a station, a title. Indra must be the title of the topmost commander scientist. In Hinduism, Indra is known as ‘the god of rain’ and said to ‘push up the sky’ — which HAARP also does when it heats up the ionosphere — releasing dawn (Ushas) from the Vala cave, and defeating the demon Vritra who was ‘holding’ the waters of the world thereby releases the waters necessary for human life, agriculture, etc.

These Indras, the great ones, commanding leaders, adepts, the Rishis, Seers (who could ‘see’ beyond limited five-sense reality), perhaps as head astronauts and scientists, would have complete knowledge and mastery over the metaphysical principles of the universe — which are the eternal subtle structures underlying the principles of 3D physics.
Consider also the fact that the Indus Valley or Harrapan civilization, which was contemporary with Mesopotamia and Egypt, is now thought to have disappeared because the Saraswati River dried up due to a cataclysmic earth event.


A similar case of a ‘rainmaker’ is found in the Mesopotamian cylinder seals. The Sumerian deity Enki is depicted ‘releasing the waters.’ I also understand water as a metaphor for consciousness — everything is consciousness. However, this does not preclude water from being water. Here (above) water is shown pouring forth from Enki’s shoulders.

For the last 5000+ years of written history, we humans struggled along killing each other, barely able to invent the wheel and suddenly after the 1940’s we have an exponential explosion of amazing technologies – most of which I feel sure are still being kept from us. This just happened to occur after the Roswell event in 1947. HAARP came into full being in 1958.

I believe that the ancient astronaut/Rishis have returned, are here, and have already given a few humans these ancient technologies, the conclusive evidence for which I find hidden in these verses in Rig Veda Mandala III.45.

It is absurd to insist that planet Earth and the beings here are the sole life form manifestations of the Infinite Eternal Oneness in a universe with millions, perhaps hundreds of billions of galaxies.

My translation/interpretation of these verses may be far from perfect, but I feel there is enough evidence here to suggest that Mandala III.45 is a description of Inonospheric Heating and weather modification as it was practiced by the ancient world. More on the amazing Vishvamitra soon.

V. Susan Ferguson
         March, 2012


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