“It is seated in the hearts of all.” / Bhagavad Gita XIII 12-17

Bhagavad Gita XIII

I shall declare that which is to be Known, the object of Knowledge,
which Knowing one attains immortality;
It is the beginningless supreme Brahman [The One],
Which is said to be neither existent — nor non-existent.

Having hands and feet everywhere,
Eyes, heads and faces everywhere,
Having ears everywhere,
That stands spreading, pervading [Avritya], covering, enveloping everything in the world.

Shining by the function of the senses [Prakriti’s three gunas, the Matrix/Womb],
Yet freed from all the senses [indriya],
Unattached, not clinging, yet maintaining all,
Free from the qualities [gunas], yet experiencing the qualities [gunas].

Outside and inside beings,
Those that are moving, animate — and the not moving, the inanimate,
Because of its subtlety, This is not comprehended.
This is far away and also near.

Undivided yet remaining as if divided
In all beings,
This is to be known as the sustainer of all beings,
Their devourer, accustomed to absorb — and Creator.

This is said to be the Light [jyotisham] of lights also,
That is beyond darkness;
It is knowledge — and that which is to be attained through knowledge.
It is seated in the hearts of all.

Translation using Winthrop Sargent’s Bhagavad Gita


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