Earthquakes in New Zealand: Worldview screenshot of New Zealand, Macquarie Island, Guadalupe Island & Nova Scotia / Nov. 13, 2016



Earthquakes in New Zealand / 2011

Has the US military been carrying out tests on a secret new weapon system using huge electromagnetic pulses from HAARP installations?  The Christchurch earthquake bears some very strange and remarkable similarities to other recent major earthquakes that have also been suspected of HAARP activity.  There is significant evidence that atmospheric conditions in the Christchurch area had been ‘primed’ for HAARP activity, that multiple HAARP installations in the US were simultaneously activated to a high level just prior to the Christchurch earthquake, and that Christchurch seemed to be the focal point of a ‘global quake’ around that time.

Why were all those US delegates, US emergency response officials, and other international personnel in Christchurch at the time?  And why did 9 members of US Congress suddenly leave Christchurch and relocate to Wellington just 2.5 hours before the quake hit even though their meeting wasn’t due to finish until that evening, but they left behind the Deputy Administrator of the United States Federal Emergency Management Agency and another high level US federal emergency response official who were then subsequently and conveniently on hand to assist with the emergency response (just as in Haiti)?  Did they know something was coming and were they preparing for something?

Was the Christchurch earthquake a man made event as part of a US weapons testing programme or some other unknown purpose? And if so, why Christchurch?
We must remain objective about all this but there are serious questions raised here and the victims of Christchurch and all the people of NZ deserve these questions to be looked at fully.

Was the Christchurch earthquake a terrible natural disaster, or was it a terrible MAN MADE disaster?


Goldman Sachs Plans for the DEPOPULATION of the East Coast of New Zealand for Oil & Gas Drilling by BP, Shell Oil & Todd Energy
Wednesday, 18 April 2012 02:49 | From MediaWhores

John Key left Merrill Lynch, another well known partner of Goldman Sachs just prior to the US housing market collapse and just in time to come back to New Zealand and suddenly become the leader of the National Party. On being elected, Goldman Sachs (via Ironbridge) raced in to buy up Media Works and take control over 50% of NZ media. They also raced in to buy Kiwirail around the same time – a deal in which John Key is on record lying about his shareholding to the public and then profiting from the deal.

Since these events, we have had ‘news’ filtered through to us that proven oil, gas and mineral resources around NZ could be worth as much as $4 trillion dollars (Stuff newspaper). Around 30 “fracking licenses” have been issued to oil and gas companies around NZ to allow them to carry out toxic fracking which has been extensively proven World Wide to poison local water supplies and cause earthquakes.

The East Coast of New Zealand has been suffering Earthquakes and ‘record’ floods ever since (please also refer our article on HAARP – the military ‘weather weapon’ which targets the jet streams to cause massive floods and is proven to also cause Earthquakes).
After two record floods in the Eastcape / Gisborne areas in the past 6 months, the Goldman Sachs controlled Kiwirail have now announced they will not be able to rebuild the rail line for that area – which will destroy the likes of Watties and other large agricultural businesses in that area, forcing even more people to leave their homes.
Shortly after the Christchurch earthquakes, a massive phosphate find was announced just 450km off the Coast of Christchurch – enough to mine 1 million tonnes of phosphate per annum.

Tag Oil, whose share price rocketed on the news of the Christchurch earthquakes that killed 185 people and destroyed 10,000 homes in the City have since also announced that the entire Eastcoast of NZ could be a find “equal to the size of Texas”. In an investor-targeted presentation, TAG Oil has told investors in North America the East Coast is “literally leaking oil and gas”.

The Rena ship was also grounded during these developments, spilling toxic chemicals and trash into the Oceans and right across the Eastcape region, effecting the locals food supply and tourism businesses and further encouraging people to leave the area.
Could it be any clearer Kiwis?

The criminal Goldman Sachs have quite clearly planning and working towards the depopulation of the East Coast of NZ – or anywhere they have found minerals, oil or gas. They have been employing the US military weapon HAARP to cause record flooding in the areas they need to depopulate.

They paid off the captain & or owners of the Rena to go 50 miles off target and wreck the ship where it would cause the most environmental damage possible. They used either HAARP or just underwater explosions to trigger Earthquakes around Canterbury, killing 185 people and depopulating the whole East Coast suburbs of Christchurch.

They purchased our media and all the morons that work for them so as to divert any attention to all these facts and information. They purchased Kiwirail so they could choose which rail lines to keep working and which to close down for the purposes of more depopulation and economic migration away from the areas where the resources lie.

They now want to buy Environwaste so they can smuggle all the toxic waste from fracking & drilling away from public view and try bury it somewhere it can’t be monitored/ tracked.
This has all been happening right in front of our faces and could not be any clearer.
John Key was placed here and the media bought to help him get in power. He is heavily invested in Bankers Trust and therefore Goldman Sachs and will be profiting both directly and no doubt indirectly from this massive treasonous attack on NZ and Kiwi’s.


New Zealand Sept.14, 2016 (above) /


New Zealand Oct.16, 2016 (above)

screen-shot-2016-11-13-at-6-42-05-pmNew Zealand July 21, 2016 (above)



Macquarie Island, south of New Zealand (two above): In September 2016, the Australian Antarctic Division confirmed it will close its research station on the island in 2017. However, shortly afterwards the Australian Government responded to widespread backlash to the decision by announcing funding to upgrade aging infrastructure and continue existing operations at Macquarie Island. 


New Zealand / Oct. 18, 2016 (above)



Between Australia & New Zealand / Nov.13, 2016. This would have been NZ ‘yesterday’ so approximately the day before the EQ.  They are a day ahead of us. (two above)


Guadalupe Island off Baja CA (above) / Nov.13, 2016


East & west of Nova Scotia (above) / Nov. 13, 2016

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