Ionization Wave in Air / Worldview: West Coast PNW, South America west coast, Great Bear Lake? (above) Northwest Territories Northern Canada, north of Antarctica between Africa & Australia, Guadalupe Island / Nov.17, 2016


Ionization Wave in Air:

At high pressures, ionization equilibrium in a gas discharge has the form of an ionization wave that propagates between electrodes. … The concept of a streamer as an ionization wave consists in redistribution of the electric potential in a space between two electrodes, so that electric field strength increases near the front of the ionization wave and exceeds the breakdown one there. This leads to intense gas ionization near the front of the ionization wave. Photo-ionization of a gas is an important element of this wave, thus the photon emitted near the front of the ionization wave is absorbed some distance from it, and formed electrons ionize the gas in this region. This increases the velocity of propagation of the ionization wave.

[excerpt from “Microphysics of Atmospheric Phenomena” by Boris M. Smirnov; Springer, 2017.]

My photo of the Olympic Peninsula (not the same day as these others)




West coast Pacific Northwest (two above) /  Nov.17. 2016



South America west coast (two above)


Great Bear Lake? (above) Northwest Territories, Northern Canada / Nov.17, 2016



A bit north of Antarctica between Africa & Australia (above) / Nov. 17, 2016


Guadalupe Island (above) off Baja CA. Crazy spirals, right angles, and … Big transmitter?



West of the tip of South America & North of Antarctica (two above)  / Nov. 17, 2016

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