Navy investigating rise of health issues among fighter jet pilots / Reaching NOTHING ELSE MATTERS / and Worldview Nov.18, 2016: The Pacific Ocean, California, Chile, Antarctica & west of South America :

Navy investigating rise of health issues among fighter jet pilots
By Rebecca Kheel – 02/04/16 12:15 PM EST
The Navy is investigating a rise in health issues among pilots of its fleet of F/A-18 and EA-18G fighter jets, the chairman of a House Armed Services Committee subpanel said Thursday.

“We’ve been informed that the Navy has organized a Physiological Episode Team, to investigate and determine the causes of these physiological episodes in aviators,” Rep. Michael Turner (R-Ohio), chairman of the Subcommittee on Tactical Air and Land Forces, said at a hearing Thursday.  “As symptoms related to depressurization, tissue hypoxia and contaminant intoxication overlap, discerning a root cause is a complex process.”

VSF:  I reached the NOTHING ELSE MATTERS months ago. Still the density and resistance I have met out here on the Olympic Peninsula WA where people are literally being rf/microwaved daily by the US Navy is bewildering. Everyone seems to have built their own comfort zone based on what they can handle. Very few can handle the bigger entire Truth. I try to approach them from all angles, especially plasma physics science. At times I wonder if there is a deadly hard-wired mind-numbing connection between blatant denial and diet & medication.

Are the people who don’t ‘see’ the sky above them already assimilated, trapped in the Sea of Lies? Are the people who do see and are aware the ones who have over the years avoided toxic foods and prescription drugs as I have. Is this pathological denial a matter of brain chemistry? The military is exposed to all kinds of involuntary inoculations and chemicals even in their training. There are reports of pilots being poisoned. I doubt that their food is ever organic and probably laced with chemical preservatives. The last time I ate a Burger King was in 1989 and the chemicals literally burned the inside of my mouth for days after. I don’t eat ‘dead’ food.

Is it possible that what we are experiencing with those who are the totally CUT-OFF from in-your-face awareness has already reached a physical bio-chemical synaptic state? Truthfully because of my visions that have occurred over so many years now, I have been obsessed with this since the 1980s.  I know that for me…NOTHING ELSE MATTERS.  Soon any semblance of life on this planet as we have known it will disappear.



Pacific Ocean: Northern Hemisphere (below), in the middle & west of USA


California / Nov.18, 2016



Chile on the west coast of South America (three below)









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