PLASMA & Sound / and Worldview Nov.18, 2016: Pacific Ocean: Northern Hemisphere, in the middle & west of USA, South of Aleutian Islands, Chukchi Sea / Alaska Arctic, North of Antarctica & south of Australia, Japan & Hokkaido, USA middle eastern states, east coast Newfoundland & Labrador



PLASMA and Sound

There is a similarity between plasma and sound. Plasma and sound can be interchangeable. Plasma is the most abundant material in the universe. A large variety of waves exist in plasma [Space Physics/MB Kallenrode].

Magnetohydrodynamic Waves:  Magnetohydrodynamic waves are low-frequency waves related to the motion of the plasma’s ion component.  They can be understood intuitively from the concepts of magnetic pressure and magnetic tension. In a magneto-sonic wave, compression of field lines creates a magnetic pressure pulse, which propagates perpendicular to the field in the same way an ordinary pressure pulse propagates through a gas in a sound wave.

…the maximum speed of a disturbance propagating along the magnetic field can be compared with the speed of sound in a gas.

Magneto-Sonic Waves:  A magneto-sonic wave is similar to a sound wave: it is a longitudinal wave parallel to the magnetic field with alternating regions of compression and rarefaction (rarefied/lessening of density) in both the plasma and in the magnetic field.

Ion-Acoustic Waves: Sound waves are pressure waves.  They transport momentum from one layer to the next due to collisions between molecules and atoms. Despite its often low-density, in a plasma a similar phenomenon exists.





These are some of Professor Don Gurnett’s favorite sounds of space, recorded by University of Iowa instruments on a variety of spacecraft over the past 50 years.
Listen to the EarthWhistlers, especially the Earth Proton Whistlers:

The sounds of interstellar space
November 4, 2013 by Dr. Tony Phillips


Fried Sky (below) on the Olympic Peninsula (photo enhanced by me)





Pacific Ocean: Northern Hemisphere, in the middle & west of USA  (below)



South of Aleutian Islands (below)


Chukchi Sea / Alaska Arctic (below)


North of Antarctica & south of Australia (below)


Japan & Hokkaido (below)


USA middle eastern states (below) / Nov. 18, 2016


East coast Newfoundland & Labrador / Nov. 18, 2016


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