Smart Dust / and Worldview, Nov.20,2016: Nile Delta Egypt & North Sinai, Italy & Sicily, France, East Coast USA, The Gulf of Mexico



SF: Morgellons, nano-bots and smart dust work together.  Smart dust is self-organizing and already a big business reality – ‘google’ smart dust companies. For example:

From 2003: Self-organizing wireless-sensor networks, a realization of the Pentagon’s “smart-dust” concept, have reached the prototype stage worldwide. The smart sensors, or Motes, were created by the University of California at Berkeley and Intel, and are being tested out worldwide today.
“At this stage, there are over 100 groups around the world that are using the combination of our open-source Motes with the TinyOS [operating system] and TinyDB [database]…” Researchers at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (Darpa) proposed the smart-dust concept four years ago. The idea was to sprinkle thousands of tiny wireless sensors on a battlefield to monitor enemy movements without alerting the enemy to their presence. By self-organizing into a sensor network, smart dust would filter raw data for relevance before relaying only the important findings to central command.

Nov. 2013: Smart Dust as a concept originated out of a research project by the United States Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and the Research And Development Corporation (RAND) in the early 1990s. We use the military anecdote above because it was these military research groups that first conceptualized Smart Dust but the practical application of the technology can be applied to almost any industry. Dust in the fields monitoring the crops. Dust in the factories monitoring the output of machines. Dust in your body monitoring your entire state of well being. Dust in the forests tracking animal migration patterns, wind and humidity.

A single smart dust mote typically contains a semiconductor laser diode and MEMS beam-steering mirror for active optical transmission; a MEMS corner cube retro reflector for passive optical transmission; an optical receiver, signal processing and control circuitry; and a power source based on thick-film batteries and solar cells.

Connected Air: Smart Dust Is The Future Of The Quantified World

For me personally, the most interesting research is by the German Harald Kautz Vella, however his conclusions encompass both scalar physics and the occult.


Nile Delta Egypt & North Sinai (above) / Nov.20,2016



Italy & Sicily (two above)


France (above)



East Coast USA (two above) / Nov.20, 2016



The Gulf of Mexico (two above)

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