Plasma Physics: Spiraling aerosol-chemtrail sprays, Marklund Natural Plasma Convection, and Kundalini


“Plasma is the most abundant form of ordinary matter in the universe…”

VSF:  Plasma physics is the source of the Ionospheric Heaters, HAARP, the rf/microwave emitters that utilize the deadly aerosol sprayed ‘chemtrails’ that are poisoning us and our planet, and magnetic confinement fusion. Reading Anthony L. Peratt’s classic textbook ‘Physics of the Plasma Universe’ I came across this concept of Marklund Convection. Peratt states that radial convection of the charged particles is possible as “both the electrons and ions drift with the velocity, so that the plasma as a whole moves radially inward. This mechanism provides a very efficient convection process for the accumulation of matter from plasma.”

Exciting plasma wave particles allows for the creation of plasma gun arc discharges, rf/mircrowave frequency emitters, Ionospheric heaters, etc. Quantum Physics was mere theory, exciting in terms of its metaphysical even spiritual implications. Remember Nick Herbert and his wonderful book Quantum Reality. But if you can’t make fuel or a weapon out of it, then the Navy and the Department of Energy would have no interest.

What did strike me as astonishing is how certain patterns in plasma physics are identical to or least strongly resonate with Kundalini. Have a look at this video and think of Kundalini spinal action:

An explanation of MARKLUND CONVECTION:

Marklund convection (after Göran Marklund) is a natural plasma convection process that takes place in filamentary currents, that may cause chemical separation. It may occur within a plasma with an associated electric field, that causes convection of ions and electrons inward towards a central twisting filamentary axis. A temperature gradient within the plasma will also cause chemical separation based on different ionization potentials.

The mechanism provides an efficient means to accumulate matter within a plasma [2]. In a partially ionized plasma, electromagnetic forces act on the non-ionized material indirectly through the viscosity between the ionized and non-ionized material.

Alfvén writes that:  “.. elements with the lowest ionization potential are brought closest to the axis, and form concentric hollow cylinders whose radii increase with ionization potential [..] The drift of ionized matter from the surroundings into the rope means that the rope acts as an ion pump, which evacuates the surroundings. Regions with extremely low densities can be produced in this way .”

Marklund clarifies: 
In my paper in Nature the plasma convects radially inwards, with the normal E x B/B2 velocity, towards the center of a cylindrical flux tube. During this convection inwards, the different chemical constituents of the plasma, each having its specific ionization potential, enter into a progressively cooler region. The plasma constituents will recombine and become neutral, and thus no longer under the influence of the electromagnetic forcing. The ionization potentials will thus determine where the different species will be deposited, or stopped in their motion.”

Now have a look at the spiraling patterns these aerosol/chemtrail sprays naturally form toward the end of the video:

Thank you, David Lunar!


The Plasma Universe from Los Alamos Laboratory:

Plasmas, the “4th state of matter”, (no, we are not talking about blood), are the dominant form of matter in the universe. As material is heated from solid, to liquid, to gas phase, and then even hotter, it begins to become ionized …. that is, one or more of the electrons on an atom become liberated. A plasma can be  described as a collection of ionized particles, which interact collectively by long-range electromagnetic forces associated with their charges and motion. When the inter-particle binding energy is small compared to the average kinetic energy of the particles, then a plasma exhibits its most complex collective behaviors.

Fortunately for human beings and other living things, plasmas are not routinely encountered on the surface of the Earth. However, we do see natural plasmas in the form of lightning and auroras, and man-made ones most commonly in the form of fluorescent light bulbs.  A little farther away from home, the Earth’s magnetosphere contains a plasma which is populated by particles of the solar wind interacting with ones from the Earth’s upper atmosphere. The solar corona is a good example of a hot plasma.

Each planet with a magnetic field tends to have its own plasma, such as around Jupiter, or even the moon Io. As comets come into the inner solar system, a plasma tail often develops (in addition to non-charged dusty tail), and was easily visible on the recent Hyakutake and Hale-Bopp comets, for example. Beyond the solar system, in interstellar space, ions and electrons (at very low densities) are found everywhere. Beautiful plasma nebula can be photographed from earth, excited by light from nearby stars. Generally, every energetic object in the universe has a plasma associated with it. We can detect plasmas by observing their electromagnetic radiation (light, x-rays, radio waves, etc), or in some cases, by observing the interaction of their ions and electrons with other objects.

At Los Alamos, we study plasmas of all kinds, and seek to harness them for controlled thermonuclear energy production, for use in the processing of materials, for environmental restoration and decontamination, to understand the physics of high energy density states of matter, and in various astrophysical contexts.

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