The Inner-Sun in the Heart: Inspired by the Rig Veda, Mandala VII.63



The Inner-Sun in the Heart: Inspired by the Rig Veda, Mandala VII.63

by V. Susan Ferguson / 2012

The universe is a temporal hologram emitted from the One.

The star we know as the Sun in the center of our solar system is a reflection of the enduring subtle cosmic Sun in the center of our Heart.

This Inner-Sun serves humankind as the Eye of Reason and Discernment, shining wisdom-knowledge, Knowing.

It remains eternal, untouched, unaffected in the darkness of our delusion, ever pure – a shield of Light.

The Inner-Sun is vast brilliance, imperishable, relentless, a foaming ocean of Cosmic Fire, waveform rays nested there to advance the Illumination of all.

Revolving, spinning, surrounded evenly by unceasing, whirling, trembling, waveforms in pulsating vibration, flowing, crossing.

The shining Sun in the Heart carries our consciousness to Union with the One.

As the star-Sun far away in the heavens appears to rise, and moving, sweeping, transverses the open skies, so does the Sun in the Heart move across our expanding consciousness, resonating with the exhilarating, glittering Un-struck Sound.

The Heart is within each of us, and simultaneously everywhere.

The Heart is our Home, the Source of that Divine Grace of Enlightenment, Illumination, eternally shining, unaltered, never lost to any, ever.

The onward path of the Inner-Sun is advancing towards a higher vibration frequency of our origin, the source, God consciousness, Home.

Shining from the heavenly realms, the Inner-Sun stationed in the eternal Heart generating invisible cosmic radiation the final Illumination, our crossing over temporal delusion, opening the Eye of Wisdom for all.

The Truth, the Real as God consciousness surrounds us, ubiquitous in every moment, everywhere awaiting our resonance, receptivity, that capacity to listen, hear and enter in – the return to the One we have always been.

By offering our consciousness to the God-within we are moving, as the hawk sky high above, circling towards illumination, wisdom, now advancing now reversing our knowledge of the sacred, refined, perfected by reason and discernment in the Heart where the wheels of light are ever whirling, revolving, pressing the nectar of Immortality.

May the Grace of reason Discernment wisdom be therefore now unfolding revealing the paths of blessed Truth.

We are the One!


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