The End of the Kali Yuga / A 2-mile long melt lake formed over the surface of East Antarctica in just one day. / robertscribbler / and the Sky over the Olympic Peninsula from my house on Nov.29, 2016


VSF:  The Arctic is melting releasing the methane clathrates. The Antarctic is also melting. The methane is worse than the rising seas, even though the oceans will inundate all the coastal cities and cause millions of people all over this planet to move inland searching for higher ground and food. The methane is worse because of the ongoing degradation of the ozone, not just in the southern hemisphere. The recent loss of ozone is also being caused by these ionospheric heater transmitters that I have shown in the images from NASA Worldview are stationed on multiple small islands, especially near both polar regions; but these transmitters like the SBX also are floating around the oceans and are used to generate more electric ‘juicing’  of our Earth’s atmosphere. And the continual degradation of the ozone will weaken our magnetosphere, which is the last and only protection we have against cosmic rays, gamma rays, etc., all of which are deadly to human flesh and blood. A weakened magnetosphere also increases the likelihood that Earth’s oxygen supply will escape into space. Without oxygen, there will be mass extinction. I am very serious here. This is why I keep showing these images from NASA’s Worldview. These power crazed military technocrats are insane, possessed by the demonic. They are turning the atmosphere into an electrified war zone. Their mad EW electronic war games are bringing us to the end of this current Kali Yuga.  We need to wake up!

(Image below is NASA Worldview of the Caspian Sea with obvious r/f microwave)

Did Föhn Winds Just Melt Two Miles of East Antarctic Surface Ice in One Day?   / robertscribbler

… in both the November 27 and November 28 image frames appears to indicate the presence of surface melt. So the downsloping wind related warming may well have produced a more subtle surface melt for this region of East Antarctica. … in the satellite image. A swatch of blue that seems to indicate an approximate 2-mile long melt lake formed over the surface of East Antarctica in just one day.

If confirmed, this event would be both odd and concerning. A part of the rising signal that melt stresses for the largest mass of land ice on the planet are rapidly increasing. … While scientists and environmentalists are understandably concerned about ocean warming melting the undersides of sea-fronting West Antarctic glaciers — resulting in risks for rapid sea level rise for the near future, another consequence of global warming is also starting have a more visible impact on the frozen and now thawing continent.

Surface melt, which was hitherto unheard of for most of East Antarctica, is now starting to pop up with increasing frequency.

Surface Melt as a Feature of Glacial Destabilization:  Supraglacial lake is just another word for a surface glacial melt lake. And these new lakes pose a big issue for ice sheet stability. Surface melt lakes are darker than white glacier surfaces. They act as lenses that focus sunlight. And the comparatively warm waters of these lakes can flood into the glacier itself — increasing the overall heat energy of the ice mass. … while Greenland holds enough ice to raise sea levels by around 21 feet, East Antarctica contains enough to lift the world’s oceans by about 195 feet.  Surface melt there, as a result, produces considerably more risk to the coastal cities of the world.

Did Föhn Winds Just Melt Two Miles of East Antarctic Surface Ice in One Day? 

From my house today November 29, 2016



This image below (and the cobalt blue one above) was enhanced by me to show the structure generated by the Navy’s transmitters that are placed all over the Olympic Peninsula, God knows where.



In the two above you can see the chemical iridescent tinges in the clouds.




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