THE BHAGAVAD GITA: By your own Effort Alone / and Blinded by science …”beings whose God-given ability to perceive what lies beyond the five senses has atrophied and become functionally extinguished.”



















VSF: My commentary on the Bhagavad Gita will be available for free as a PDF on my primary website. Here are two excerpts:


By your own Effort Alone

Take note here that in the Bhagavad Gita, in no way and no where in any verse, does Krishna ever tell Arjuna to cultivate a relationship with any being other than the Supreme Being, the Self, the God-within. He does not suggest channeling extraterrestrial entities, or communicating with ascended masters, or even praying to the angelic realms.

These beings – and there are many, perhaps millions – are fine in their exalted or temporal and limited holographic stations of consciousness. Some may be helpful in a short term experience; others may be quite harmful and delude you in lifetime after lifetime. You may have visions and learn about the myriad worlds through them, but they cannot give you your enlightenment. Only you – through your own efforts – can fuse your conscious being with the God-within you.









Blinded by science

In the west sophisticated people may laugh at those who worship deities and ancestors, but I say that we have come to worship and idolize science in the same way. There are two excellent books on this topic: one is ‘The Reign of Quantity & the Signs of the Times’ written by Rene Guenon in 1945. Guenon’s precision French mind makes him a brilliant metaphysical writer. I highly recommend all of his books to you; they are currently published by Sophia Perennis in New York state.

Science has become obsessed with measuring those quantities endlessly produced by Prakriti. Because science has rejected anything that cannot be measured by the five senses or by the machines invented by them to serve them, science has lost even the idea of understanding the qualitative nature of what is beyond the five senses and belongs to the Soul.

Rene Guenon tells us that Truth in modern times has been lost and replaced by utility and convenience. Science is no longer the pure search for truth, but the slave of commerce and industry. Science has become the servant of our consumer cravings and is dependent on producing profitable results for its survival.

Atrophied perceptions

Rather that holding these minions of corporate industry in high esteem and allowing them to dictate the atmosphere of our very being, these unfortunates who have been blinded-by-science should be regarded as what they are – beings whose God-given ability to perceive what lies beyond the five senses has atrophied and become functionally extinguished.

Like stubborn children competing with each other for parental attention, these priests of science have become so blind that they are incapable of considering any idea outside of their own ego driven turf. They seem to have lost the ability to think in any other way.

In modern times we have all accepted a reality based solely on and limited to the five senses. During the past 6,000 years, the period known as the Kali Yuga, our innate abilities to perceive the Invisible Realms have atrophied to the point that most humans are incapable of even a remote awareness, much less the Joy of interacting with that which we cannot see, hear, touch, etc.

It is therefore understandable why most simply deny the very existence of such realities. They are not capable of perceiving them. The result of this disastrous defect of our comprehension has produced the ludicrous concept of ordinary life or real life, which in its absolute denial of anything beyond the five senses engulfs us in total delusion.

The quantification of the world

In the guise of modern science the measurement of that which can be registered by the five senses may indeed go on forever; but in doing so, mankind is left skating on the thin ice of a miasma of amnesia – which in no way reflects the totality of existence.

The quantification of the material world without an understanding of the Invisible Realms that support it, which in fact are the actual Source of such apparent solidity, is the degenerative path to the catastrophic conclusion of this cycle of time, the Kali Yuga, our current Age of Conflict and Confusion (R.Guenon).

The reduction of quality to quantity

In his book ‘The Sleepwalkers, A History of Man’s Changing Vision of the Universe’ Arthur Koestler presented the history of how science became solely focused on quantifying matter. Koestler was one of the most brilliant scholars of his time and I feel it is a terrible tragedy that his books – like the books of the Indian scholar Krishna Chaitanya/KK Nair – seem to be going out of print.

In observing ‘the reduction of quality to quantity’ Koestler says, ‘And so in its actual procedure physics studies not the inscrutable qualities of the material world, but pointer readings which can be observed.’ Koestler quotes Bertrand Russell: ‘Physics is mathematical not because we know so much about the physical world, but because we know so little; it is only its mathematical properties that we can discover.’

In the epilogue, Koestler says that once science became divorced from the search for truth and meaning, ‘it carried the species to the brink of physical destruction. … In the hands of physicists, matter began to evaporate and each  advance in physical theory, with its rich technological harvest, was bought by a loss … Words like substance and matter have become void of meaning, or invested with simultaneous contradictory meanings.’ Science is only concerned with a partial aspect of reality. Modern physics is focused on ‘the mathematical relations between certain abstractions which are the residue of vanished things.’

Eventually, you get what you want
As the narrow thinking of science continues to pursue the endless quantification’s of Prakriti’s guna-maya, I feel assured that she will go on and on producing more and more as yet undiscovered particles which will continue to lead us no where – except perhaps even closer to such unimaginable weapons as might destroy all life in a nanosecond. It is as Krishna says, the God-within will fulfill the wishes of whoever worships that partial manifestation of the Creator. So it is with those who want a new car, a lover, or a new particle of matter.


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