Northern California Radar / and Worldview: Off the west coast of Baja CA, Sea of Okhotsk/north of Hokkaido, Antarctica coastal-middle of the Pacific, and eastern Pacific further off the coast Of Baja CA.















If you look long enough (above), you can clearly see the straight lines, right angles, and splayed-out circular patterns that are obvious evidence of radio/frequency. They can turn the rain on and off at will. They are drought-ing out California, stealing and moving the moisture with these desiccant metal oxide nano-particles, to cool down the rest of the country, to cover-up rapidly increasing global warming, and the melting Arctic and already ongoing methane release.

The lies will go on until they can no longer hide the fact that they have destroyed the once natural balance that was Earth’s atmosphere. For power and greed — and EW electronic war games.

Off the west coast of Baja CA.  More circular “holes” blasted by transmitter generated algorithms.

Question from Susan: Do you imagine that Algos are the reason we are seeing an ever increasing expansion and constant change in these monstrous cloud formations all around the planet. Could be they are now able to experiment very quickly and alter the Algos again and again to find various results. Do you think this is possible? What you said about Algos applied to optical waves made me think of this.

Answer from Anonymous: Yes, definitely.
Computer controlled transmissions – with millions of possibilities.

Sea of Okhotsk/north of Hokkaido / Similar to spiraling patterns emitted from Guadalupe Island off Baja.  Same technology?

Antarctica coastal (above & below)  – middle of the Pacific / Dec.8, 2016

Evidence of surfactants?

What in earth nature comes close to looking like this? A hive?  These (above) always strike me as being rather obscene.

The eastern Pacific further off the coast Of Baja CA.
Dec.8, 2016

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