A bizarre “alien” script? On NASA Worldview: over China, north of Shanghai / Dec.28, 2016

This is the overview, the larger view (above) of Korea & Japan, The Sea of Japan / The Yellow Sea & Shanghai China. The images below are found in the left center of the overview. Is this a message to some entities in the sky? I have never seen anything like this before.





Below is all that was left on the following day, Thursday Dec.29, 2016




These are the strangest formations I have yet to see, and if you have been following my NASA Worldview screenshot research, you know there are some very bizarre completely unnatural unearthly formations being continually formed all around our planet and no one is saying a word, just acting like this is not happening, there is no geoengineering being done — when all these images say it is happening everyday and increasing in shocking ugly strangeness. We are being continually zapped with radio/frequencies and microwave energies from emitters that are stationed around the entire Earth, on small islands, on floating ships, and probably from the sky as well. What are they really doing? And what do these markings, which resemble an alien script mean? Are they a message to those who fly above the Ionosphere?



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