Transmissions from the Ether for 2017 / by V.S.F: Return to the Heart in Gratitude


Transmissions from the Ether for 2017 by V.S.F:

Understand, indeed Know that every anguished heartache you have ever felt, every wound, every person you ever thought hurt you, every betrayal, every loss, was only the God-within clearing the distance between you and God, cleaning the dross from the Sacred Path, making way for you to come Home, closing the non-existent abyss of separation, so that you may enter into the eternal Embrace of God’s Love.

Release your anger in gratitude. Be thankful that you are blessed with longing in whatever form. God is patiently waiting in your very own Heart for your Return — and if you truly want God more than anything else, then every moment in your life is an opportunity to reach that Source, to gain entrance into that which you have always been and always will be. The One. Our normal state of Being.

Yes, the demons are having their dance now, forging new expressions of courage and fortitude in those who are being honed in the Crucible Fires of Becoming — and yes, in the spirit of the Bhagavad Gita and the Sacred Warrior, I believe those who are qualified should fight them to our last breath. It’s part of coming Home for us!

Love God!

Loving God will place you in a higher vibrational frequency, what I call the Love Frequency. Remain there in whatever ways you feel right with, you will feel this intuitively. The Love Frequency waveform resonates in God Consciousness and will allow you to reconnect with your own Self, your own divine power and inner guidance. Kundalini may be a part of that for you, as it is for me. But even if that does not come to you, no matter. All that matters is that you Love God. In every moment, with every breath, every act surrender to the God-within you, and you will find your true meaning and purpose, your own ecstasy honey-dripping bliss, your own sweet sacred way Home, imbued in the Divine Wizardry, the free-will intoxicating madness, neutron bomb Love that created all these vast universes — all of which await you as the adventure of Time and Space continues. Eternally. Nothing ever dies.

This old woman wishes you a 2017 New Year full of God’s Love. I am now 71 years and can truthfully say that I have never been happier, more fulfilled, calm, fearless, and at Peace. And yes, I am a warrior lady, a Scots-Irish Texan by birth, but a warrior of Peace and Love. We will meet in the ethers of the SATYA YUGA, world without end. Thank you for being my friends and reading here. In true humility, it is my greatest privilege and joy to share the supernal Wisdom Knowledge of the sacred Sanskrit texts. God Loves the world. God Loves you. God is LOVE.

V. Susan Ferguson
Dec.31, 2016





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