A message to the Emissaries: WAKE UP! / and Worldview: Taiwan, Antarctica, New Zealand

West of Baja CA      http://go.nasa.gov/2inQGXz

These formations are not natural to planet Earth. (sepia enhanced below)     http://go.nasa.gov/2io1IMi

A message to the Emissaries: WAKE UP!

ETs dwell in volcanoes, like Mt. Shasta and Mt. Rainier (where with two friends, I saw a fleet entering via orange neon like grid lines). The extraterrestrials use the torsion EM fields that are natural to volcanoes, like a fueling station.

You are not limited to your current identity, your earthling data-collecting vehicle. I know that there is so much I already know, but in my other form. I keep asking to have my knowledge, especially of our true science, restored to me. But apparently there is some danger, some risk in that.

I know there is a ship, my ship waiting for me in a parallel dimension. It responds only to my mental command, no other. And it is only designed for one, me.

All the evolved ET races take the metaphysics that has been kept from the earthlings, as the basic substructure of all harmony and source of all universes of which there are endless numbers. Worlds without end in the Mind of the ONE, termed INDRA in the ancient Sanskrit text, the Rig Veda.


The most highly evolved extraterrestrial races I call the Etherians — and they can overwhelm the most vicious of the tyrant races by simply nullifying their powers. But they prefer not to interfere, to let various planetary experiences work themselves out so that the experimental genes of various races have a chance to evolve. It is healthy.

If things get too bad here, they will Intervene. I am not certain this has as yet been decided. I find myself hoping for this, especially if the possibility of radiation expanding out across the galaxy is threatened. This would be an equivalent to a divine intervention. All of the Etherians are like the Master Jesus. The higher realms are filled with great masters from many worlds, many realms within multiple dimensions.

Time to wake-up!

V. Susan Ferguson / Jan. 2017



Taiwan (two above)   http://go.nasa.gov/2inNrzp

Port-aux-Français (above) is the capital settlement of the Kerguelen Islands, French Southern and Antarctic Lands


Jan.1, 2017 ( below), compare the same area on Jan. 1 & 2    http://go.nasa.gov/2itFGps

Above Antarctica & below New Zealand      http://go.nasa.gov/2inWosB

New Zealand west of the South Island     http://go.nasa.gov/2inHCls



New Zealand     http://go.nasa.gov/2itxyph      http://go.nasa.gov/2inJNpd

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