“It rains regularly in Antarctica where it never used to…” / Worldview: above Antarctica below New Zealand & Australia

South of Australia (above) Jan.6, 2017

Seemorerocks: Sunday, 15 January 2017
It rains regularly in Antarctica where it never used to…
Climate Change Shrinking Antarctic Snows
Climate Crocks,14 January, 2017

“When I used to come to Antarctica in the 1990s, it never used to rain,” said Rodolfo Sanchez, director of the Argentine Antarctic Institute (IAA). “Now it rains regularly—instead of snowing,” he told AFP during an Argentine government visit to King George Island, off the tip of the western Antarctic peninsula. Scientists monitoring conditions at the base say the average temperature here has increased by 2.5 degrees Celsius (4.5 degrees Fahrenheit) over the past century.

“The glacier used to reach all the way to the shore,” Sanchez says. “Now there is a 500-meter (550-yard) wide beach.” Dark scars of rock are showing through what were once spotless sheets of white snow on the glaciers’ flanks. “Antarctica is a thermometer that shows how the world is changing,” said Adriana Gulisano, a physicist at Argentina’s National Antarctic Directorate. “There is no place where climate change is more in evidence.”

Wildlife signs: Local wildlife also appears to reflect to the change. Scientists at the Carlini base say a pair of yellow-throated King penguins have swum up to mate nearby for the past three years.


The Caspian Sea  (two above)      http://go.nasa.gov/2ittbcd


West Of Australia & north of Antarctica (two above)     http://go.nasa.gov/2itrNG8


( below)   http://go.nasa.gov/2itpGCc


Above Antarctica & south of New Zealand (four above)     http://go.nasa.gov/2jlD9QO

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