Demonic Mask / An Antarctic Iceberg the Size of Delaware Could Break Off in a Matter of Weeks / Worldview: North of Antarctica & south of Australia, Tasmania, Australia, Finders Island, China, Hong Kong & Taiwan

Demonic Mask

Guadalupe Island off Baja CA

An Antarctic Iceberg the Size of Delaware Could Break Off in a Matter of Weeks
A fast-growing crack in the Larsen C ice shelf signals the accelerating changes underway on the southernmost continent.
Feb 9, 2017 / CIARA O’ROURKE
Scientists are eyeing a growing crack in one of Antarctica’s ice shelves. A portion of the Larcen C shelf the size of Delaware could break off in months, or even weeks — an event that could signal the impending collapse of another of the southernmost continent’s ice shelves and an ominous sign of the impacts of a warming planet. … once they begin to break apart, their collapse may be just around the corner.

“If you lose pieces like this then you get closer and closer to collapse and destruction of the entire ice shelf,” White said. … observing changes in Larsen C helps scientists understand ice shelf dynamics, which could help them make meaningful predictions about other shelves, like the Ross ice shelf. Ross is the largest ice shelf in the Antarctic, covering an area roughly the size of Texas. If it collapsed, huge chunks of West Antarctica would become unstable, White said.

“When that happens, I think we can term that a ‘holy shit’ moment,” he said.

North of Antarctica & south of Australia (three above)

King Island (above)

Tasmania, Australia, Finders Island    

China, Hong Kong & Taiwan (two above)

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