“The transmitters create a signal in a spherical capacitor. The Earth is a spherical capacitor.” by Anonymous


The transmitters create a signal in a spherical capacitor. The Earth is a spherical capacitor.

By Anonymous /09Feb2017

Everything is connected to everything.

The energy spectrum of all that is, goes from zero to infinity. There is no limit to the rate of vibration. Vibration is frequency. There are three elements: energy, substance, and consciousness. Everything is influenced by vibration/frequency.

Energy is vibration. Substances have energies inherently inside them, or externally imposed upon them. They respond to that energy, which is consciously, benevolent or malevolent.

How does energy affect substance? By using the language of mathematics, concepts consisting of characters in the language and the numbers 0-9. There are simple mathematical operands: add, subtract, multiply (add), divide (subtract). Other operands describe, manipulate, order, process this alphabet and number system by various methods. All higher mathematics works off the base of alphabetical characters, and the numbers 0-9, all plus and minus. The higher level operands are in the form of square roots, exponentials, trigonometry, differentials, and many other concepts and operands.

In order to describe a substance, one must have a coordinate system. The most common coordinate systems are XYZ and time. Then comes cylindrical coordinates, then spherical coordinates, and then toroidal coordinates. Each coordinate system has advantages and disadvantages. The best coordinate system matches the environment. XYZ coordinates are best for a football or a baseball game. In dealing with the planet, spherical coordinates are optimum.

The primary reason to use various mathematical coordinate systems is to be able to simplify the math – otherwise the math is messy. Each coordinate system can be transposed or transformed from one to another by precise relationships. They can morph, however there is a residual. When using the proper coordinate system, one that fits the environment, the residuals are minimized.

Vibration occurs in all substances. Vibration and harmonics occur in all substances. To understand the idea of vibration and harmonics, take a pan of water with drips falling into it. This can be seen as a large pond that has ripples extending to infinity. When the physical nature of the container (in this case the pan) is constrained (by the sides of the pan), one will see reflections due to the boundary conditions.

When you drop a drop of water into a circular pot (pan), it will go out from the center and back again. An interference pattern will be created. When that interference pattern is constructive, that pattern will increase and build up to a maximum. When that interference pattern is destructive, it will die down to a minimum. When you drop water into a square or circular pan, the interference patterns will change due to the boundary conditions of the sides.

Various interference patterns will be generated depending upon the rate of the drops of water in the pan. The harmonic patterns and the interference patterns are dependent on the boundary conditions. A flat plate will have a different harmonic relationship and pattern than a cylindrical, spherical, and/or toroidal coordinate system. The harmonic structure will look totally different, depending on the environment and the boundary conditions.

When you place a speaker underneath a flat plate (suspended by springs), and you put a fine dust on the plate, and then connect a signal generator to the speaker and vary the signal generator from minimum to maximum frequencies, the fine dust particles will take on different shapes. The dust particles will congregate at the highest harmonic amplitude. You can excite or vibrate the dust particles to create different patterns, which depend on the frequency and harmonic content of the signal.

A similar example is a kettle drum or bass drum. Place a speaker under the drum, place particles on the drum skin and by varying the signal from zero to maximum, certain patterns will be created, depending on the frequency, the harmonic content, and the boundary conditions.

The Earth is a spherical environment. A signal generator excites the physical spherical environment with energy that creates patterns of the water moisture – just as fine dust particles on a flat plate or a kettle drum. The Earth is generally positive in potential and the clouds are generally negative in potential. The round earth and round clouds form what is called a spherical capacitor. This spherical capacitor is sensitive and responds to the frequencies of excitation. The cloud formations serve the same purpose in a cloud chamber of a nuclear experiment. Just as the nuclear particles disturb a cloud chamber, so the patterns (that respond to frequencies of excitation), can be seen by the eye.

The formations in the clouds above Earth provide a visual representation of the energy that is exciting or being directed towards the clouds. By knowing the boundary conditions of the Earth and the clouds, one can begin to determine the excitation signal that matches the observed pattern and physical boundary conditions.

The transmitters create a signal in a spherical capacitor. The Earth is a spherical capacitor. An electric zone exists because of water. HAARP creates high and low pressures in the atmosphere by electrical heating of any area above the Earth, the Ionosphere, etc. They are “playing” -experimenting. A signal generator is comparable to an organ that affects the water moisture in the clouds. When the distance between patterns appears to be too uniform to be natural, there is a probability the earth may be excited by a signal source. It is scaled as function of the frequency, harmonic content and consciousness of the energy acting thru the substance.



The Olympic Peninsula WA (above) & from NASA Worldview (below) on Dec.10, 20176


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