Space Weather Prediction with Cosmic Rays: the result the “experiments” and milking that are ongoing, leaving the Ionosphere and the magnetosphere “ragged”.

Space Weather Prediction with Cosmic Rays

University of Delaware: This Website is a gateway for space weather displays based upon cosmic ray data returned by the Spaceship Earth network of neutron monitors and from the worldwide muon detector network.

VSF: The graphs taken from the Space Weather Prediction with Cosmic Rays webpage clearly show that something highly unusual is taking place in regard to Cosmic Rays entering Earth’s atmosphere. One researcher has explained this to me as the result the “experiments” and milking that are ongoing and leaving the Ionosphere and the magnetosphere “ragged”.


JANA DIXON: Cosmic rays increase when the sun’s magneto-wind decreases during solar quiet, and during Maunder Minimum, also known as the “prolonged sunspot minimum”….
The sun’s magnetic wind charges the earth’s shields allows the deflect the cosmic rays around the earth’s magnetosphere. As well as deflecting the solar wind, the Earth’s magnetic field deflects cosmic rays, high-energy charged particles that are mostly from outside the Solar system.

The Earth’s magnetic field does more than just deflect ions or direct them to the poles.  When a charge accelerates it radiates light, and turning a corner is just acceleration in a new direction.  This “braking radiation” slows the charge that creates it (that’s a big part of why the aurora is inspiring as opposed to sterilizing).  If an ion slows down enough it won’t escape back into space and it won’t hit the Earth.  Instead it gets stuck moving in big loops, following the right hand rule all the way, thousands of miles above us (with the exception of our Antarctic readers).  This phenomena is a “magnetic bottle”, which traps the moving charged particles inside of it.  The doughnut-shaped bottles around Earth are the Van Allen radiation belts.  Ions build up there over time (they fall out eventually) and still move very fast, making it a dangerous place for delicate electronics and doubly delicate astronauts.

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