Physics of Strongly Coupled Plasma: “barium clouds in outer space” / Worldview: Baja CA & Mexico, North America south of Alaska, South of Australia, Gulf of Alaska/Kodiak Island

The Olympic Peninsula from my home…

VSF: My approach to geoengineering has been to study Plasma Physics because that is the science that the SRM solar radiation management and HAARP [under the name ACTIVE EXPERIMENTS IN SPACE] technologies are based in.

A recent 2006 text book, “Physics of Strongly Coupled Plasma” by three Russians published by Oxford University, discusses many of the experiments that have been conducted with shock waves and manipulations of metals to measure thermal radiation and other consequences of heating, squeezing, compressing, etc. various shock-compressed metal plasmas, including aluminum, copper, lead, lithium, and more. An indication that this research has been heavily funded since 1958, ongoing through the ‘60s and ‘70s can been found online.

The Oxford University textbook cited above states: “In a series of subsequent studies, the general knowledge of evaporation and ionization in the release wave [of shock-wave metal plasma] was used to analyze the high-frequency collision of solids and to develop fluorescent barium clouds in outer space for the purpose of studying Earth’s magnetosphere (Fortov & Dremin 1973).”  

Searching the words “barium clouds in outer space” becomes problematic as the information is often not available in the relevant NASA AUTHORIZATION HEARINGS found in Google Books. However, adding “Vladimir Fortov” the name of one of the Russian authors, I found this extensive website [link below] with 25 pages of articles on SPACE PLASMA MEASUREMENTS, which in all probability reveals the multiple intentions behind the bizarre plasma cloud formations we see daily on NASA Worldview.

These scientific articles involve the US Air Force at Wright-Patterson, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Russians, the Chinese Space Station, and discuss Fusion energy technology (TOKAMAK), microwave interferometry (transmitters like HAARP), and technologies such as pulsed inductive plasma thrusters which are spacecraft propulsion devices in which electrical energy is capacitively stored and then discharged through an inductive coil.

Plasma technologies are already beyond our wildest imaginations. Have a look!

Baja CA & Mexico (two above)

North America, south of Alaska (three above) / Feb. 26, 2017

South of Australia (two above) / Feb. 26, 2017












Gulf of Alaska/Kodiak Island (two above)
THURSDAY /Feb. 23, 2017

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