A Message to the Emissaries from Inanna & Susan









Message to the Emissaries from Inanna & Susan

First and foremost, always go to the basic Wisdom Knowledge TRUTH that is Known by the God within you, deeply within you, the TRUTH that permeates down into all the layers, to the Core. And that Truth is simple, this:

TAT TVAM ASI, Thou art That!









Always begin with Knowing this as the ONLY REAL.
Everything else in space time is made up, imagined through time in the minds of men, everything else is temporal, everything else perishes, dissolves, and is essentially an ever changing mutable series of polarities, the shifting of energies manifesting as ephemeral appearances in the temporal illusory holographic universe we have chosen to experience, through our data collecting vehicles — which now only have access to the very small spectrum of frequencies we receive through differentiated five sense perception that is nothing more than signals interpreted by the brain, the myopic lens of any individual. Not the eternal REAL.

The good does not win in the Kali Yuga, this current cycle of time.
The Kali Yuga is the Age of Conflict and Confusion.
The Kali Yuga is not constructed so that the good wins.
The evil negative, the demonic is allowed free reign, until the cycle ends.
This frequency waveform electromagnetic ‘Field’ is intentional on the part of the Creator energy.
The demonic evil dominates, it is their turn.
The balance occurs in the age that follows, the Age of Truth, the Satya Yuga.




During this phase of the Kali Yuga, many have tapped into, utilized, and become interconnected with the most severe EVIL in this realm, the Earth plane. Like source power in the the Ark of the Covenant, like a hole blasted, a violently ripped opening in the temporal hologram that is created by the atomic bombs.

We have all of us, in our complicity, even if unintentionally, allowed evil in.
Perhaps though unconsciously, unwittingly, in ignorance and delusion, MOHA in the Sanskrit.

Many have used the demonic Forces of Evil for what they thought was their duty, and the means to an end. Therefore these frequency waveform electromagnetic currents of demonic evil have stalked them, followed them, pursued them like proverbial ‘hounds of hell’ down the Trails of Time to torment and devour them. Many are enslaved, bound in astral chains like the slimy tentacles in the Matrix film, which was in fact based on the Sanskrit texts, the Upanishads — that were composed to elucidate the Rig Veda, as time began to obfuscate and confuse the eternal Wisdom Knowledge.

“This whole universe has come into existence just to carry you to God consciousness.”   — Kashmir Shaivite saint Swami Lakshmanjoo, The Shiva Sutras

This is your play, your game, you created it intentionally.

Become the Sacred Instrument of the God-within you. Continue your own practices that are moving you Home and toward the Realization that you are a portion of God. However, first and foremost KNOW that you created ALL of this.  This is your play, your game, you created it intentionally. Watch how you speak, the words you choose. Thinking and speaking as if some anthropomorphic form of God put you through this, for example like Jobe in the Bible, is totally disempowering. This is Old Testament mischief, the blood thirsty claw of the demonic. There are NO VICTIMS, only the ONE Presence.

We must KNOW that we chose this. You as your SELF, perhaps what you term your Higher Self, the portion of God-within you. No one did this to any of us, as harsh, hard and cruel as that may seem.

This understanding and verbal expression of this Truth places power back into you. And it is the TRUTH!

Thou art That!  You are God, a portion of God Consciousness.
As are ALL. In Sanskrit, TAT TVAM ASI.

As an expression of the ONE God that pervades and permeates ALL, we chose to experience this phase of the current Cycle of Time. Eternal bliss gets old, obviously. We created all this, this disintegrating evil empire phase, to enjoy the battle, to see what we would do under such an overwhelming relentless unending assault. This is the teaching in the Bhagavad Gita, which I consider the highest Wisdom — that does have the power to enlighten those who are sincere.

As the God-within us, in the primordial tradition of the Sacred Warriors and adept masters that we truly are, we have intentionally pitted ourselves against the greatest concentrated form of the Forces of Evil ever seen on this planet in written history, because this is the closing period of this Cycle of Time, the Twilight of the Kali Yuga — and thus the demonic dominates and is stronger than ever before in the last six thousand years. The demonic power will be allowed to increase until it implodes on itself, as it must, like any electromagnetic system that is skewed, out of harmonic resonance with the Eternal Law.

I feel that it is now, in this moment, the Destiny of the Enlightened Emissaries to assist and bring in the approaching, ensuing Cycle of Time, the Satya Yuga, or Golden Era as it is known in western metaphysical primordial traditions. The self-chosen Emissaries alone have both the intuitive insight intelligence and Wisdom Knowledge to bring eternal Truth out of the Darkness.

May we Become imbued with the Love in our Heart that will inevitably lead us Home. See God in every Eye. There is only the ONE, and That is you.

V. Susan Ferguson


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