Turning the atmosphere into a giant electrical system, conductor-resonator-generator-capacitor /Insight into how the gambling culture assisted state surveillance / CHRIS HEDGES: A Nation of the Walking Dead
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Baja CA / April 4, 2017   (above)  https://go.nasa.gov/2oA8kLM

Turning the atmosphere into a giant electrical system, conductor/resonator/generator/capacitor


VSF: Insight into how the gambling culture assisted state surveillance.

CHRIS HEDGES: A Nation of the Walking Dead

Apr 2, 2017 [excerpts]

… Donald Trump is in large part a product of gambling culture.  … the newer form, machine gambling, is an erasure of the self. Slot machines, which produce 85 percent of the profits at casinos, are an “addiction delivery device.” They are “electronic morphine,” “the crack cocaine of gambling.” They are not about risk or about making decisions, but about creating somnambulism, putting a player into a trancelike state that can last for hours. It is a pathway … to becoming the walking dead. … Gamblers are closely tracked by the casino industry. …

The science of keeping people in front of slot machines—called “time on device” within the industry—has led to the creation of ergonomic consoles, the appealing, warm screens on slot machines, seductive video graphics and surround-sound acoustics.
The industry also invests heavily in surveillance.  Gamblers carry player or loyalty cards… linked to a central database, are used by the industry to build profiles of gamblers. … Slowly the traits and the habits of the gambler, triangulated with demographic data, are pieced together to allow the industry to build a personal profile. …

The industry was the human laboratory for refinements now incorporated into the security and surveillance organs of the state.  …

Many surveillance and marketing innovations first used in casinos were only later adapted to other domains…including airports, financial trading floors, consumer shopping malls, insurance agencies, banks, and government programs like Homeland Security. …

The “ZONE”

They have an algorithm that senses your pain points, your sweet spots… The zone is a term that I kept hearing over and over again as I went to gamblers’ anonymous meetings and spoke to gambling addicts. This really describes a state of flow where time, space, monetary value and other people fall away. You might say a state of flow, or the zone….

People don’t even know that they’re losing. They just sit there. …

One designer of the mathematics and algorithm of these games said we want an algorithm that makes you feel like you are reclining on a couch. … they want you to sit back and go with the flow. … What they’re playing for is not to win, but to stay in the zone. Winning disrupts that because suddenly the machine is frozen, it’s not letting you keep going. …

This is more about mood modulation. Affect modulation. Using technologies to dampen anxieties and exit the world. We don’t just see it in Las Vegas. We see it in the subways every morning. The rise of all of these screen-based technologies and the little games that we’ve all become so absorbed in.



New Zealand (above) / April 2, 2017     https://go.nasa.gov/2nvBTKj


Hokkaido Japan (two above) / April 1, 2017       https://go.nasa.gov/2ooEtpr



The California Coast (three above) / April 1, 2017    https://go.nasa.gov/2ooER7i

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