“On the US/Mexico border in southeastern Arizona, a huge production of nanoparticulate aerial structures pertaining evidently to strictly surveillance programs.” / and NASA Worldview: April 29 & 30, 2017

Off the coast of California (above)  / April 29, 2017

From the Comments on GeoengineeringWatch.org:
April 29, 2017 at 5:47 pm

What stands out for us on the US/Mexico border in southeastern Arizona is the nucleation effort.  We are waking up feeling like our lungs are birthing styrofoam because this filth creeps into our respiratory system during sleep.

Moreover there is a huge production of nanoparticulate aerial structures pertaining evidently to strictly surveillance programs.  In other words we are breathing in the wretched border wall project, where to the south we see the daily cigarette-shaped item immediately above the physical wall.

When we first became aware of the spraying campaigns in 2008, a person involved in security work told us that among other aspects, the nanoparticulate material has the purpose of functioning as a communication device.

The 1996 Air Force manifesto “owning the weather by 2025” states it as follows on page 27 where the possibility of an artificial climate is contemplated:

“Nanotechnology also offers possibilities for creating simulated weather.  A cloud, or several clouds, of microscopic computer particles, all communicating with each other and with a larger control system could provide tremendous capability.  Interconnected, atmospherically buoyant, and having navigation capability in three dimensions, such clouds could be designed to have a wide-range of properties. 

“They might exclusively block optical sensors or could adjust to become impermeable to other surveillance methods. 

“They could also provide an atmospheric electrical potential difference, which otherwise might not exist, to achieve precisely aimed and timed lightning strikes. 

“Even if power levels achieved were insufficient to be an effective strike weapon, the potential for psychological operations in many situations could be fantastic.”

Because we see anomalous nanoparticulate masses standing alone in otherwise blue skies, we imagine they are for surveillance.  For instance above I-10 an artificial cloud like twisted rope forms a narrow canopy the entire visible length of the highway.  We have observed similar operations above nearly all interstates in the southwest, with obscured highways likewise flanked by broad expanses of blue sky.  Just like the giant cigarettes poised above the international border, the nanoparticulate structures won’t move an inch even when the wind blows in gusts of 70-80 mph as so often occurs now in this formerly idyllic, still zone.

So the question arises:  are a lot of these coverings over cities not concerned with surveillance in addition to possible weather function?  Expansive as spraying operations seem to those on the east coast, for example, the entirety of New England would fit inside the borders of the Navajo reservation.  In the southwest we see the vastness of this great colony and puzzle over the inconsistencies of these programs.


The Arctic (above) / April 30, 2017     https://go.nasa.gov/2qnnIse

Scotland & Northern Ireland (above) / April 30, 2017


The Arctic (above) / April 30, 2017     https://go.nasa.gov/2qnGtfx

Off the coast of Chile / April 30, 2017 (above)   https://go.nasa.gov/2plGIZG

Lake Superior  (above) / April 30, 2017


The Gulf of Mexico (above) / April 30, 2017


Baja CA (above) / April 29, 2017


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